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Brian Phillips > WebService-Shutterstock-0.003


This Release WebService-Shutterstock-0.003  [Download] [Browse 20 Dec 2012
Latest Release WebService-Shutterstock-0.006  [Download] [Browse 11 Jul 2013
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


WebService::Shutterstock Easy access to Shutterstock's public API     0.003
WebService::Shutterstock::AuthedClient Role comprising a REST client with the necessary auth token information     0.003
WebService::Shutterstock::Client Provides easy REST interactions with the Shutterstock API     0.003
WebService::Shutterstock::Customer Class allowing API operations in the context of a specific customer     0.003
WebService::Shutterstock::DeferredData Utility class for easy lazy-loading from the API     0.003
WebService::Shutterstock::Exception Exception object to allow for easy error handling on HTTP errors     0.003
WebService::Shutterstock::HasClient Role managing a client attribute     0.003
WebService::Shutterstock::Image Represent the set of information about a Shutterstock image as returned by the API     0.003
WebService::Shutterstock::LicensedImage Allows for interogating and saving a licensed image from the Shutterstock API     0.003
WebService::Shutterstock::Lightbox Representation of a lightbox in Shutterstock's public API     0.003
WebService::Shutterstock::SearchResult::Item Class representing a single search result from the Shutterstock API     0.003
WebService::Shutterstock::SearchResults Class representing a single page of search results from the Shutterstock API     0.003
WebService::Shutterstock::Subscription Class representing a subscription for a specific Shutterstock customer     0.003

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