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Distribution Released
RT-Extension-RepliesToResolved-1.02 intercept replies to resolved tickets [Download] [Browse] 13 Jun 2018
RT-Authen-OAuth2-0.10 RT-Authen-OAuth2 Extension [Download] [Browse] 28 Mar 2018
RT-Extension-REST2-1.03 Adds a modern REST API to RT under /REST/2.0/ [Download] [Browse] 16 Mar 2018
RT-Extension-TimeTracking-0.11 RT-Extension-TimeTracking Extension [Download] [Browse] 14 Mar 2018
RT-Extension-ReportSpam-1.01 mark tickets as spam with one click [Download] [Browse] 12 Mar 2018
Dist-Zilla-MintingProfile-RTx-0.13   [Download] [Browse] 04 Mar 2018
Module-Install-RTx-0.40 RT extension installer [Download] [Browse] 02 Mar 2018
RT-Extension-TicketLocking-1.07 Enables users to place advisory locks on tickets [Download] [Browse] 15 Feb 2018
RT-Extension-RepeatTicket-1.11 Repeat tickets based on schedule [Download] [Browse] 10 Nov 2017
RT-Extension-ConfigInDatabase-0.03 RT-Extension-ConfigInDatabase Extension [Download] [Browse] 05 Oct 2017
RT-Extension-LifecycleUI-0.02 RT-Extension-LifecycleUI Extension [Download] [Browse] 28 Sep 2017
RT-Extension-ExampleTheme-0.01 RT-Extension-ExampleTheme Extension [Download] [Browse] 28 Sep 2017
RT-Authen-Token-0.03 RT-Authen-Token Extension [Download] [Browse] 06 Sep 2017
RT-Extension-AssetSQL-0.04 RT-Extension-AssetSQL Extension [Download] [Browse] 13 Jul 2017
RT-Authen-ExternalAuth-0.27 RT Authentication using External Sources [Download] [Browse] 15 Jun 2017
RT-Extension-RightsInspector-0.02 RT-Extension-RightsInspector Extension [Download] [Browse] 11 May 2017
RT-Extension-AdminConditionsAndActions-1.03 RT-Extension-AdminConditionsAndActions Extension [Download] [Browse] 11 May 2017
RT-Extension-QuickCalls-1.02 Quickly create tickets in specific queues with default values [Download] [Browse] 01 May 2017
HTTP-Server-Simple-0.52 Lightweight HTTP server [Download] [Browse] 31 Mar 2017
RT-Extension-Assets-Import-CSV-2.2 RT-Extension-Assets-Import-CSV Extension [Download] [Browse] 22 Mar 2017
Test-Expect-0.34 Automated driving and testing of terminal-based programs [Download] [Browse] 21 Feb 2017
RT-Extension-Tags-0.04 RT-Extension-Tags Extension [Download] [Browse] 20 Feb 2017
RT-Extension-OneTimeTo-1.01 Adds a One-time To: box next to the One-time Cc/Bcc boxes [Download] [Browse] 01 Dec 2016
RT-Extension-MergeUsers-1.03 Merges two users into the same effective user [Download] [Browse] 28 Nov 2016
RT-Extension-QuoteSelection-1.01 RT-Extension-QuoteSelection Extension [Download] [Browse] 21 Nov 2016
RT-Extension-ArticleTemplates-1.01 Turns Articles into dynamic templates [Download] [Browse] 21 Nov 2016
RT-Extension-Announce-1.01 RT-Extension-Announce Extension [Download] [Browse] 17 Nov 2016
RT-Extension-ResetPassword-1.04 add "forgot your password?" link to RT instance [Download] [Browse] 01 Nov 2016
RT-Extension-TimeTracking-Automatic-0.02 RT-Extension-TimeTracking-Automatic Extension [Download] [Browse] 06 Oct 2016
RT-Extension-ExcelFeed-0.04 RT-Extension-ExcelFeed Extension [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2016
RT-Extension-CommandByMail-3.00 Change ticket metadata via email [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2016
RT-Extension-AutomaticAssignment-0.03 RT-Extension-AutomaticAssignment Extension [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2016
RT-Extension-ActivityReports-1.08 RT-Extension-ActivityReports Extension [Download] [Browse] 09 Aug 2016
DBIx-SearchBuilder-1.67 Encapsulate SQL queries and rows in simple perl objects [Download] [Browse] 18 Jul 2016
RT-Extension-MandatoryOnTransition-0.12 RT-Extension-MandatoryOnTransition Extension [Download] [Browse] 11 Jul 2016
RTx-Calendar-1.01 Calendar for RT due dates [Download] [Browse] 14 Apr 2016
RT-Extension-JSGantt-1.04 Gantt charts for your tickets [Download] [Browse] 08 Apr 2016
RT-Extension-PriorityAsString-1.04 show priorities in RT as strings instead of numbers [Download] [Browse] 01 Apr 2016
RT-Extension-ExtractCustomFieldValues-3.14 extract CF values from email headers or body [Download] [Browse] 31 Mar 2016
Regexp-Common-net-CIDR-0.03 provide patterns for CIDR blocks. [Download] [Browse] 03 Jun 2015