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Source   Latest Release: Proc-Exists-1.01


pswait - wait for a number of processes to end, consuming far less CPU than the script of the same name from Proc::ProcessTable (but without some features, see below)


pswait [options] pid1, pid2, ... pidn


Options: -a --any exit after the first of these procs end alias -e, --exit -i=# --interval=# change how often we poll (default .01sec) alias -s, --sleep


-a, --any

Terminate as soon as any of these processes are gone, instead of waiting on them all, which is the default behavior.

-i, --interval

Amount of time (in seconds, decimals ok) to wait between checking for process updates. Note that this check is cheap, and even if you are checking lots of processes, specifying a value near your machine's HZ value is probably fine.


Brian Szymanski <>


Unlike Proc::Exists, which is under the same license as perl, this script is in the public domain. Where that is not legally possible, the right to use this script for any purpose, without any conditions, is granted to anyone, unless such conditions are required by law.

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