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Image::XBin - (DEPRECATED) Load, create, manipulate and save XBin image files


    This module has been replaced by Image:TextMode.


        use Image::XBin;

        # Read in a file...
        my $img = Image::XBin->new( file => 'myxbin.xb' );

        # Image width and height
        my $w = $img->width;
        my $h = $img->height;

        # get and put "pixels"
        my $pixel = $img->getpixel( $x, $y );
        $img->putpixel( $x, $y, $pixel );

        # font (XBin::Font)
        my $font = $img->font;

        # palette (XBin::Palette)
        my $palette = $img->palette;

        # save the data to a file
        $img->write( file => 'x.xb' );


XBin stands for "eXtended BIN" -- an extention to the normal raw-image BIN files.

XBin features:

XBin file stucture:

        | Header     |
        | Palette    |
        | Font       |
        | Image Data |

Note, the only required element is a header. See the XBin specs for for information.


To install this module via Module::Build:

        perl Build.PL
        ./Build         # or `perl Build`
        ./Build test    # or `perl Build test`
        ./Build install # or `perl Build install`

To install this module via ExtUtils::MakeMaker:

        perl Makefile.PL
        make test
        make install


new( %options )

Creates a new XBin image. Currently only reads in data.

        # filename
        $xbin = Image::XBin->new( file => 'file.xb' );
        # file handle
        $xbin = Image::XBin->new( handle => $handle );

        # string
        $xbin = Image::XBin->new( string => $string );

clear( )

Clears any in-memory data.

read( %options )

Explicitly reads in an XBin.

write( %options )

Write the XBin data to a file, handle of string.

as_string( )

Returns the XBin data as a string - suitable for saving.

as_png( [%options] )

Returns a binary PNG version of the image.

        # Thumbnail -- Default
        $xbin->as_png( mode => 'thumbnail' );

        # Full size
        $xbin->as_png( mode => 'full' );

This function is just a wrapper around as_png_thumbnail() and as_png_full().

as_png_thumbnail( [%options] )

Creates a thumbnail version of the XBin.

as_png_full( [%options] )

Creates a full-size replica of the image. You can pass a "crop" option to crop the image at certain height.

        # Crop it after 25 (text-mode) rows
        $xbin->as_png_full( crop => 25 );

has_palette( )

Returns true if the file has a palette defined.

has_font( )

Returns true if the file has a font defined.

is_compressed( )

Returns true if the data was (or is to be) compressed

is_nonblink( )

Returns true if the file is in non-blink mode.

has_512chars( )

Returns true if the font associated with the XBin has 512 characters

sauce( [File::SAUCE] )

Gets / sets the SAUCE object associated with the XBin.

putpixel( $x, $y, $pixel )

Sets the pixel at $x, $y with $pixel (which should be an Image::XBin::Pixel).

getpixel( $x, $y )

Returns the Image::XBin::Pixel object at $x, $y (or undef).

pixel( [$x, $y, $pixel] )

Generic get / set method used by both getpixel and putpixel.

font( [Image::XBin::Font] )

Gets or sets the font. Must be of type Image::XBin::Font. Passing anything but that type will remove the font and change related header data.

palette( [Image::XBin::Palette] )

Gets or sets the palette. Must be of type Image::XBin::Palette. Passing anything but that type will remove the font and related header data.

compress( [true or false] )

Get / sets the compression header value to true or false. Affect the output from as_string() and write().

width( )

Returns the image width.

height( )

Returns the image height.




Copyright 2003-2009 by Brian Cassidy

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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