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Anthony Brummett > Devel-Chitin-0.12


This Release Devel-Chitin-0.12  [Download] [Browse 13 Nov 2017
Latest Release Devel-Chitin-0.15  [Download] [Browse 06 Feb 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Devel::Chitin Programmatic interface to the Perl debugging API     0.12
Devel::Chitin::Actionable Get and set breakpoints and actions     0.12
Devel::Chitin::Eval Implementation for Devel::Chitin::eval()     0.12
Devel::Chitin::Exception A class to represent an exception     0.12
Devel::Chitin::GetVarAtLevel Evaluate an expression in the debugged program's context     0.12
Devel::Chitin::Location A class to represent an executable location     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree OpTree deparsing for Devel::Chitin     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::BINOP Deparser class for binary OPs     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::COP Deparser class for control OPs     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::LISTOP Deparser class for list OPs     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::LOGOP Deparser class for logical OPs     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::LOGOP_AUX     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::LOOP Deparser class for loop OPs     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::METHOP Deparser class for method OPs     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::PADOP Deparser class for pad OPs     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::PMOP Deparser class for patten-matching OPs     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::PVOP Deparser class for string-related OPs     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::SVOP Deparser class for SV-related OPs     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::UNOP Deparser class for unary OPs     0.12
Devel::Chitin::OpTree::UNOP_AUX Deparser class for unary OPs with auxillary data     0.12
Devel::Chitin::Stack An object representing the current execution stack     0.12
Devel::Chitin::SubroutineLocation A class to represent the location of a subroutine     0.12

Other Files