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Brian Keck > xchar


This Release xchar-0.2  [Download] [Browse 07 Jul 2007
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Special Files


X11::Screens extract information for configuring X clients from ~/.xscreens     0.2
X11::Tops handle top level X windows     0.2
X11::XTerms find xterm attributes in ~/.xterms     0.2


mk.xchar help window managers to invoke xchar programs  
mk.xscreens generate an X11::Screens configfile  
mk.xtb generate a sample configfile for the xchar taskbar  
xchar single character names for X windows and geometries  
xdeco output xterm titlebar & iconname control sequences  
xdn raise or lower an X client's window.  
xmv move an X client's window.  
xscreens wrapper round X11::Screens  
xtb xchar taskbar and char allocator  
xtc xchar taskbar (xtb) controller  
xterms run multiple xterms and remote logins  
xup raise or lower an X client's window.