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Module Version: 0.1007   Source   Latest Release: Yote-0.207


Yote - Code server side, use client side.


$ yote_server start

Yote is a platform that

* serves up any number of separate applications

* provides account management

* provides access control for objects and methods

Yote on the server side is a server that is a

* schemaless object database with a recursive tree structure

* multi-threaded request queuing server

* single-threaded execution server

Yote on the client is a javascript library that provides

* RPC bound yote objects

* web controls that bind to the yote objects

* web controls for account management


I wrote Yote because I wanted to write object oriented applications, particulally web applications and prototypes, in a ferenic ADHD style.

I wanted the objects and their data to connect together as easily as one connects tinker toys together. I found writing and modifying table schemas, especially for prototypes, is a drag on the development and testing and I wanted to get rid of that step once and for all for at least prototype development.

I had chance to use SOAP and XMLHttpdRequest calls. SOAP I found too slow, and at the time had seen it only for php, jsp and other server side web languages.



Calling this returns an array ref of configuration arguments as that have been passed in through the @ARGV array or that are saved in the yote configuration. If no configuration has been saved, this program prompts the user for configuration values and saves them if able.

run( %args )

This method activates starts the Yote server with configuration values that have been passed in. It does not return until the yote server has shut down.


There are likely bugs to be discovered. This is alpha software.


Copyright (C) 2011 Eric Wolf

This module is free software; it can be used under the same terms as perl itself.

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