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PDL::R::math - routines from statistics language, R, for PDL


This module provides access to many of the statistical functions available in the nmath library of the R statistical language.

It is assumed that users of this library are already familar with the R language. The documentation will be sparse and where appropriate will focus on the differences between pure R and PDL:R.


 use PDL::R::math;


A key point in understanding PDL::R is that the calling convention for functions is slightly different than pure R.

Specifically there are no implicit or default values for functions, nor does PDL::R support named parameters. [Though this may change at a later date...]

For example in R the documentation for the dunif functions is:

   dunif(x, min=0, max=1, log=FALSE)   # Pure R

Which would allow for dunif to be called from pure R as:

   dunif(x)                        # Pure R, default values
   dunif(x,0,5,0)                  # Pure R, all values defined
   dunif(x,max=10,min=0,log=TRUE)  # Pure R, named parameters

In PDL::R, you *must* specify *all* of the parameters in the order they are defined in the documentation.

The functions above would be written in PDL::R as:

   dunif(x,0,1,0)     # PDL::R, specifying all parameters
   dunif(x,0,5,0)     # PDL::R, specifying all parameters
   dunif(x,0,10,1)    # PDL::R, no named parameters


This document and and the PDL::R interface are copyrighted: Copyright (C) 2001 John Cavanaugh, Copyright (C) 1998 John Lapeyre under the terms in the file COPYING in the PDL distribution.

This document is a modified version of the documentation found in the R distribution. It is modified only to provide a description of the PDL calling sytax.

The R language including all sources and documentation is copyrighted under the terms of the Gnu Public License: R : A Computer Langage for Statistical Data Analysis Copyright (C) 1995, 1996 Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka

The PDL language is copyrighted: Copyright (C) R.J.R. Williams 1997 (, Karl Glazebrook ( and Tuomas J. Lukka (

All rights reserved. There is no warranty. You are allowed to redistribute this software / documentation under certain conditions. For details, see the file COPYING in the PDL distribution.


 - Doesnt implement all of the functions of R.
 - Doesnt handle default values or named parameters.
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