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Chris Dent > PurpleWiki-0.94


This Release PurpleWiki-0.94  [Download] [Browse 11 Aug 2004
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Special Files


PurpleWiki::ACL Access control list.    464
PurpleWiki::Apache1Handler Wiki text display handler for mod_perl 1    465
PurpleWiki::Apache2Handler Wiki text display handler for mod_perl 2    463
PurpleWiki::Config Configuration object.    469
PurpleWiki::Database     448
PurpleWiki::Database::KeptRevision     399
PurpleWiki::Database::Page     428
PurpleWiki::Database::Section     473
PurpleWiki::Database::Text     366
PurpleWiki::Database::User::UseMod UseMod backend for user database.    463
PurpleWiki::InlineNode Inline node object    352
PurpleWiki::NidHandler Remote NID handling for mod_perl (1 or 2)    465
PurpleWiki::Page     444
PurpleWiki::Parser::MoinMoin MoinMoin parser.    381
PurpleWiki::Parser::WikiText Default PurpleWiki parser.    461
PurpleWiki::Search::Arts Search Arts Repositories    364
PurpleWiki::Search::Blosxom Search plugin for blosxom blogs.    364
PurpleWiki::Search::Engine Wiki search engine.    366
PurpleWiki::Search::Google = Search google from PurpleWiki    364
PurpleWiki::Search::Interface Base class for PurpleWiki search modules    366
PurpleWiki::Search::IrcLogger Search IrcLogger Repositories    352
PurpleWiki::Search::MovableType Search MovableType blogs    364
PurpleWiki::Search::Result Class for search results.    366
PurpleWiki::Search::Wiki Search The Wiki Text and Titles    438
PurpleWiki::Sequence Generates sequences for node IDs    352
PurpleWiki::Singleton Enables the Singleton Pattern.    0.9.1
PurpleWiki::StructuralNode Structural node object    352
PurpleWiki::Syndication::Rss RSS feed of RecentChanges    448
PurpleWiki::Template::Base Base class for template drivers    438
PurpleWiki::Template::TT Template Toolkit template driver.    445
PurpleWiki::Transclusion Transclusion object.    397
PurpleWiki::Tree Basic PurpleWiki data structure    385
PurpleWiki::User PurpleWiki user class    463
PurpleWiki::View::Driver View driver base class    366
PurpleWiki::View::Filter A Quick Access View Filter.    366
PurpleWiki::View::debug View Driver used for Debugging.    444
PurpleWiki::View::rawtext View Driver used for Raw Text Output.    366
PurpleWiki::View::subtree Extracts a Subtree Rooted at a Given NID.    366
PurpleWiki::View::text View Driver used for Text Output.    426
PurpleWiki::View::wikihtml View Driver used for XHTML output.    469
PurpleWiki::View::wikitext View Driver used for WikiText output.    381
PurpleWiki::View::xhtml     366


Blosxom Plug-in: purple Cleans and indexes UseMod username database 
purple Document authoring system Perl implementation of Danny Ayer's WikiWhiteboard 

Other Files