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mount_pdf - Enable access to a filesystem embedded in a PDF document


Copyright 2007-2008 Chris Dolan,

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


 mount_pdf file.pdf /path/to/mount/point
 mount_pdf --deletefs file.pdf
 mount_pdf -i file.pdf
 mount_pdf -h
 mount_pdf -V

   -A --all            mount the whole PDF (same as '-f pdf')
   -d --debug          turn on FUSE debug messages
   -p --password       prompt for a PDF user password, if needed
   -r --revision=num   roll back to particular revision before mounting (see below)
   -k --keep           keep old versions of the filesystem in the PDF
   -b --backup         move the original PDF to ".bak" just before the first write
   -f --fs=name        which embedded filesystem to use
      --fuseopts=opts  comma-separated list of options to pass directly to Fuse
                       Only used when actually mounting.  See 'mountopts' in

 Other flags:
      --deletefs       remove the filesystem from the PDF (implies compact)
   -i --info           print filesystem details and quit
   -h --help           print verbose help message and quit
   -V --version        print the Fuse::PDF version and quit

If you want to read the PDF from STDIN and write it out to STDOUT, you can supply - as the PDF filename.

To see the choices for the -r flag, try -i first. Note that if you roll back, there's no way to undo that choice, so make a backup copy of your PDF before starting! Unless you specified the -K option earlier, there will be no revisions to go back to.


This is a simple front-end to Fuse::PDF which allows you to mount a PDF as a filesystem. All content in the filesystem is represented as a tree in the PDF data structure.

If you employ PDF encryption, all content will be encrypted (including file and directory names and extended attributes) but filesystem metadata (sizes, timestamps, permissions, tree structure) will not be. See the utility in the CAM::PDF distribution.


Chris Dolan,

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