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Carnë Draug > Bio-Biblio-1.70


This Release Bio-Biblio-1.70  [Download] [Browse 23 Mar 2013
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Bio::Biblio a bibliographic query service module     1.70
Bio::Biblio::Article representation of a general article     1.70
Bio::Biblio::BiblioBase an abstract base for other biblio classes     1.70
Bio::Biblio::Book Representation of a book     1.70
Bio::Biblio::BookArticle representation of a book article     1.70
Bio::Biblio::IO Handling the bibliographic references     1.70
Bio::Biblio::IO::medline2ref a converter of a raw hash to MEDLINE citations     1.70
Bio::Biblio::IO::medlinexml a converter of XML files with MEDLINE citations     1.70
Bio::Biblio::IO::pubmed2ref a converter of a raw hash to PUBMED citations     1.70
Bio::Biblio::IO::pubmedxml a converter of XML files with PUBMED citations     1.70
Bio::Biblio::Journal representation of a journal     1.70
Bio::Biblio::JournalArticle representation of a journal article     1.70
Bio::Biblio::MedlineArticle representation of a MEDLINE article     1.70
Bio::Biblio::MedlineBook representation of a MEDLINE book     1.70
Bio::Biblio::MedlineBookArticle representation of a MEDLINE book article     1.70
Bio::Biblio::MedlineJournal representation of a MEDLINE journal     1.70
Bio::Biblio::MedlineJournalArticle representation of a MEDLINE journal article     1.70
Bio::Biblio::Organisation representation of an organisation     1.70
Bio::Biblio::Patent representation of a patent     1.70
Bio::Biblio::Person representation of a person     1.70
Bio::Biblio::Proceeding representation of a conference proceeding     1.70
Bio::Biblio::Provider representation of a general provider     1.70
Bio::Biblio::PubmedArticle representation of a PUBMED article     1.70
Bio::Biblio::PubmedBookArticle representation of a PUBMED book article     1.70
Bio::Biblio::PubmedJournalArticle representation of a PUBMED journal article     1.70
Bio::Biblio::Ref representation of a bibliographic reference     1.70
Bio::Biblio::Service representation of a provider of type service     1.70
Bio::Biblio::TechReport representation of a technical report     1.70
Bio::Biblio::Thesis representation of thesis     1.70
Bio::Biblio::WebResource representation of a web resource     1.70
Bio::DB::Biblio::biofetch a BioFetch-based access to a bibliographic citation retrieval     1.70
Bio::DB::Biblio::eutils access to PubMed's bibliographic query service     1.70
Bio::DB::Biblio::soap a SOAP-based access to a bibliographic query service     1.70
Bio::DB::BiblioI an interface to a Bibliographic Query Service     1.70


bp_biblio bioperl client for accessing and querying a bibliographic repository  

Other Files