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Calle Dybedahl > Net-Lyskom-1.2


This Release Net-Lyskom-1.2  [Download] [Browse 31 Dec 2011
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Special Files


Net::Lyskom Perl module used to talk to LysKOM servers.     1.2
Net::Lyskom::AuxItem Object representing a Protocol A AuxItem.      
Net::Lyskom::ConfZInfo conf_z_info object      
Net::Lyskom::Conference object that holds information on a conference      
Net::Lyskom::DynamicSession dynamic session info object      
Net::Lyskom::Info server information object.      
Net::Lyskom::Member object holding member information      
Net::Lyskom::Membership conference membership information object      
Net::Lyskom::MiscInfo objects holding misc_info data for texts.      
Net::Lyskom::Object Net::Lyskom::Object      
Net::Lyskom::Person object holding status for a person      
Net::Lyskom::Simple module with an easy-to-use subset of Lyskom functions      
Net::Lyskom::StaticSession static session information object      
Net::Lyskom::TextMapping represents a text_mapping      
Net::Lyskom::TextStat text information object.      
Net::Lyskom::Time object that holds a time value.      
Net::Lyskom::Util Utility functions for Net::Lyskom objects