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perlPort.pod - Notes on Porting tkTable from tcl to perltk


file notes ^

Top Level perlTk Calling Notes ^

As an example, Scale.xs references Tk_ScaleCmd, which is defined in tkScale.c. Should the top leved Table.xs do a similar thing?

Conversion from Native tcl/tk notes: ^

These notes are taken from looking at the difference between the tkScale.h and tkScale.c files in the stock tk8.0.5 distribution and the Tk800.022/pTk/mTk distribution.

.h files

.c files

.tcl files

Files in the lib directory (tkTable.tcl) are equivalent to the .pm files for the widget, so the tkTable.tcl file has to be converted to perl. See the various .pm files in the Tk distribution for examples.

Note the tcl2perl script in the Tk distribution can provided a starting point for the translation. Much hand-editing is still required however.

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