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Source   Latest Release: NG-0.001_05

from_json/yaml return Hashtable or Array my $object = from_yaml/json($file);

read_file my $filepath = '/home/chenryn/test.conf'; my $content = read_file($filepath); say $content;

    read_file($filepath, sub {
        my ($content) = @_;
        say $content->get(1);

read_dir read_dir('/root')->each(sub { my $file = shift; read_file( $file, sub { ... }) }); read_dir(qw(/root /tmp), sub{ my ($dir, $file) = @_; ... });

0 dev device number of filesystem 1 ino inode number 2 mode file mode (type and permissions) 3 nlink number of (hard) links to the file 4 uid numeric user ID of file's owner 5 gid numeric group ID of file's owner 6 rdev the device identifier (special files only) 7 size total size of file, in bytes 8 atime last access time in seconds since the epoch 9 mtime last modify time in seconds since the epoch 10 ctime inode change time in seconds since the epoch (*) 11 blksize preferred block size for file system I/O 12 blocks actual number of blocks allocated

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