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NAME ^ - Check modules and scripts for use of deprecated modules and methods, indicates presence in a file to STDERR. Optionally accepts new modules and adds them to a newly formatted deprecation file.

SYNOPSIS ^ [-d|--dir path ] [-v|--verbose] [-a|--depfile] [-n|--new] [-w|--write] [-o|--outfile] [-?|-h|--help]


-d | --dir path

Overides the default directories to check by one directory 'path' and all its subdirectories.

-a | --depfile

path from working directory that contains the DEPRECATED file.

-n | --new

New addition to the deprecation list; this should be in the form of 'Module,dep_release,remove_release,notes'. Notes should only be 40 chars long.

-b | --bp_version

BioPerl version. This only appears to work correctly when using numerical versions (1.5.2 instead of 1.005002)

-w | --write

Write out new deprecation file to $outfile. If --new is used this is assumed.

-o | --outfile

Name of output file to write deprecation table to. DEPRECATED.NEW is the default name

-v | --verbose

Show the progress through files during the checking.

-? | -h | --help

This help text.


Mailing Lists

User feedback is an integral part of the evolution of this and other Bioperl modules. Send your comments and suggestions preferably to the Bioperl mailing list. Your participation is much appreciated.                  - General discussion  - About the mailing lists

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to the Bioperl bug tracking system to help us keep track of the bugs and their resolution. Bug reports can be submitted via the web:

AUTHOR - Chris Fields ^

Email cjfields-at-bioperl-dot-org

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