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Distribution Released
Apache-AxKit-Language-XSP-ObjectTaglib-0.09000 Helper for OO Taglibs [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2008
AxKit-XSP-Currency-0.13000 Currency formatting and conversion taglib [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2008
AxKit-XSP-L10N-0.05000 String localization (L10N) taglib for AxKit [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2008
AxKit-XSP-Minisession-1.10000 Yet Another Session Handling Library [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2008
Catalyst-Model-NetBlogger-0.04001 Catalyst Model to post and retrieve blog entries using Net::Blogger [Download] [Browse] 07 Mar 2008
Catalyst-Model-SVN-0.05 Catalyst Model to browse Subversion repositories [Download] [Browse] 18 Jun 2006
Catalyst-Plugin-Markdown-0.01 Markdown for Catalyst [Download] [Browse] 24 Mar 2006
Class-Accessor-Grouped-0.10006 Lets you build groups of accessors [Download] [Browse] 29 Dec 2011
Class-Data-Accessor-0.04004 Inheritable, overridable class and instance data accessor creation [Download] [Browse] 12 Aug 2008
Data-Currency-0.04002 Container class for currency conversion/formatting [Download] [Browse] 04 May 2007
DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Currency-0.02005 Auto-create Data::Currency objects from columns. [Download] [Browse] 04 Jun 2008
DBIx-Class-UUIDColumns-0.02005 Implicit uuid columns [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2008
DBIx-Class-Validation-0.02005 Validate all data before submitting to your database. [Download] [Browse] 11 Jul 2009
Finance-Currency-Convert-WebserviceX-0.07001 Lightweight currency conversion using WebserviceX.NET [Download] [Browse] 24 May 2009
Handel-1.00014 A cart/order/checkout framework with AxKit/TT/Catalyst support [Download] [Browse] 30 Dec 2011
Handel-Storage-RDBO-1.00003 RDBO storage layer for Handel 1.x [Download] [Browse] 09 Aug 2010
Mango-0.01000_13 An ecommerce solution using Catalyst, Handel and DBIx::Class [Download] [Browse] 01 Jun 2008
Net-Blogger-1.02 an OOP-ish interface for accessing a weblog via the Blogger XML-RPC API. [Download] [Browse] 25 Sep 2006