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Christopher H. Laco > Handel-1.00013


This Release Handel-1.00013  [Download] [Browse 08 Aug 2010
Latest Release Handel-1.00014  [Download] [Browse 30 Dec 2011
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


AxKit::XSP::Handel::Cart AxKit XSP Shopping Cart Taglib      
AxKit::XSP::Handel::Checkout AxKit XSP Checkout Taglib      
AxKit::XSP::Handel::Order AxKit XSP Order Taglib      
Catalyst::Helper::Controller::Handel::Cart Helper for Handel::Cart Controllers      
Catalyst::Helper::Controller::Handel::Checkout Helper for Handel::Checkout Controllers      
Catalyst::Helper::Controller::Handel::Order Helper for Handel::Order Controllers      
Catalyst::Helper::Handel Helper for creating a Handel based application      
Catalyst::Helper::Handel::Scaffold Helper for creating Handel framework scaffolding      
Catalyst::Helper::Model::Handel::Cart Helper for Handel::Cart Models      
Catalyst::Helper::Model::Handel::Order Helper for Handel::Order Models      
Catalyst::Model::Handel::Cart Base class for Handel cart classes      
Catalyst::Model::Handel::Order Base class for Handel order classes      
Handel A cart/order/checkout framework with AxKit/TT/Catalyst support     1.00013
Handel::Base Base class for Cart/Order/Item classes      
Handel::Cart Module for maintaining shopping cart contents      
Handel::Cart::Item Module representing an individual shopping cart item      
Handel::Cart::Schema Default Schema class for Handel::Cart      
Handel::Checkout Checkout Pipeline Processor      
Handel::Checkout::Message Checkout Pipeline Process Message      
Handel::Checkout::Plugin Base module for Handle::Checkout plugins      
Handel::Checkout::Plugin::AssignOrderNumber Checkout plugin to assign order numbers      
Handel::Checkout::Plugin::MarkOrderSaved Checkout plugin to mark the order ORDER_TYPE_SAVED      
Handel::Checkout::Stash Basic storage for checkout plugins during processing      
Handel::Compat Compatibility layer for pre 1.0 subclasses      
Handel::Compat::Currency Price container to do currency conversion/formatting      
Handel::Components::Constraints Column constraints for schemas      
Handel::Components::DefaultValues Set default values for undefined columns      
Handel::Components::Validation Column validation for schemas      
Handel::ConfigReader Read in Handel configuration settings from ENV/ModPerl      
Handel::Constants Common constants used in Handel      
Handel::Constraints Common database constraints used to validate input data      
Handel::Currency Price container to do currency conversion/formatting      
Handel::Exception Exceptions used within Handel      
Handel::Iterator Iterator base class used for collection looping      
Handel::Iterator::DBIC Iterator class used for collection looping DBIC resultsets      
Handel::Iterator::List Iterator class used for collection looping lists/arrays      
Handel::Iterator::Results Iterator class used for collection looping storage iterators      
Handel::L10N Localization module for Handel      
Handel::L10N::bg Handel Language Pack: Bulgarian      
Handel::L10N::de Handel Language Pack: German (deutsch)      
Handel::L10N::en_us Handel Language Pack: US English      
Handel::L10N::fr Handel Language Pack: French      
Handel::Order Module for maintaining order contents      
Handel::Order::Item Module representing an individual order line item      
Handel::Order::Schema Default Schema class for Handel::Order      
Handel::Schema Base class for cart/order schemas      
Handel::Schema::DBIC::Cart DBIC schema class for the cart table      
Handel::Schema::DBIC::Cart::Item Schema class for cart_items table      
Handel::Schema::DBIC::Order DBIC schema class for order table      
Handel::Schema::DBIC::Order::Item DBIC schema class for order_items table      
Handel::Storage Abstract storage layer for cart/order/item reads/writes      
Handel::Storage::DBIC DBIC schema storage layer for cart/order/item reads/writes      
Handel::Storage::DBIC::Cart Default storage configuration for Handel::Cart      
Handel::Storage::DBIC::Cart::Item Default storage configuration for Handel::Cart::Item      
Handel::Storage::DBIC::Order Default storage configuration for Handel::Order      
Handel::Storage::DBIC::Order::Item Default storage configuration for Handel::Order::Item      
Handel::Storage::DBIC::Result Result object returned by DBIC storage operations      
Handel::Storage::Result Generic result object returned by storage operations      
Module::Starter::Handel Module::Starter module for Handel      
Template::Plugin::Handel::Cart Template Toolkit plugin for shopping cart      
Template::Plugin::Handel::Checkout Template Toolkit plugin for checkout processing      
Template::Plugin::Handel::Constants Template Toolkit plugin for constants      
Template::Plugin::Handel::Order Template Toolkit plugin for orders      


Handel::Manual User guide and reference for Handel  
Handel::Manual::About A few words about the Handel Framework.  
Handel::Manual::Cookbook Overview  
Handel::Manual::Cookbook::AddingColumns Adding columns in Handel  
Handel::Manual::Cookbook::WritingCustomStorage Step by Step example of writing a custom storage class.  
Handel::Manual::Intro A quick introduction to the framework and its structure.  
Handel::Manual::KnownIssues Known issues when working with Handel.  
Handel::Manual::QuickStart A quick start guide to getting Handel up and running.  
Handel::Manual::Requirements What you need to install to use Handel.  
Handel::Manual::Schema An overview of the default database schema.  
Handel::Manual::Storage An introduction to the storage layer and how it is used by the interface layer.  
Handel::Manual::Storage::DBIC An introduction to the DBIC-specific storage layer and how it uses schemas.  
Handel::Manual::Upgrading A guide to upgrading your Handel installation.  
handel Bootstrap a Handel application