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Christopher H. Laco > Handel-Storage-RDBO-1.00003


This Release Handel-Storage-RDBO-1.00003  [Download] [Browse 10 Aug 2010
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Handel::Iterator::RDBO Iterator class used for collection looping RDBO resultsets      
Handel::Schema::RDBO::Cart RDBO schema class for the cart table      
Handel::Schema::RDBO::Cart::Item RDBO schema class for cart_items table      
Handel::Schema::RDBO::DB RDBO DB class for the Handel::Storage::RDBO      
Handel::Schema::RDBO::Object Base object classes for Handel::Schema::RDBO classes      
Handel::Schema::RDBO::Order RDBO schema class for order table      
Handel::Schema::RDBO::Order::Item RDBO schema class for order_items table      
Handel::Storage::RDBO RDBO storage layer for Handel 1.x     1.00003
Handel::Storage::RDBO::Cart RDBO storage configuration for Handel::Cart      
Handel::Storage::RDBO::Cart::Item RDBO storage configuration for Handel::Cart::Item      
Handel::Storage::RDBO::Order RDBO storage configuration for Handel::Order      
Handel::Storage::RDBO::Order::Item RDBO storage configuration for Handel::Order::Item      
Handel::Storage::RDBO::Result Result object returned by RDBO storage operations