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Module::Checkstyle::Util - Convenient functions for checks


format_expected_err ($expected, $got)

Return the string "Expected '$expected' but got '$got'" but with $expected and $got reduced to the reftype if they are references.

new_problem ($config, $directive, $message, $line, $file)

Creates a new Module::Checkstyle::Problem object. $config must be a Module::Checkstyle::Config object which will be used togther will the caller and $directive to determine severity. $line can be either a PPI::Element object, an array reference or a scalar. If it is an array reference the 0-elementwill be used as line.

new_problem ($severity, $message, $line, $file)

Creates a new Module::Checkstyle::Problem object with the given severity, message, line and file.

as_true ($value)

Returns 1 if $value is either "y", "yes", "true" or "1" not regarding case. All other value returns 0.

as_numeric ($value)

Returns the numeric value given in $value if it is integer-numeric with an optional minus-sign. All other values returns 0.

as_regexp ($value)

Returns a regular expression object that will match what's given in $value. If it creation of the regexp-object was unsuccessfull it will return undefined.

is_valid_position ($value)

Returns a true value if the string $value equals a valid position property. These are same and alone.

is_valid_align ($value)

Returns a true value if the string $value equals a valid alignment property. These are left, middle and right.



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