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Source   Latest Release: Net-DSLProvider-0.03


Cease order management.

If the crd parameter is passed and no cease order is already in place a new cease order is placed against the specified cli.

If a cease order is already in place on the specified cli and a crd is passed an attempt is made to change the cease date however this will only succeed if the order state is not already "Committed".

If the crd parameter is not passed and a cease order is already in progress this method will return details of the existing cease order.

Parameters: cli (mandatory) crd (optional) Must be at least 5 working days in the future

Returns a hash containing the following:

    status : either "Confirmed" or "Committed"
    requested_date : date the cease order was placed in ISO format
    service_cease : date the service will cease in ISO format
    billing_cease : date the billing for the service will end (ISO format)


Request a MAC for the specified connection.

If the MAC is available it is returned along with the expiry date in a hash as follows:


If the MAC has been sucessfully requested the hash will contain only a mac_requested key.

If the MAC cannot be requested the method will croak an error message stating why it cannot be provided.


Changes the interleaving option for the specified connection.

Parameters: cli (mandatory) interleave-code (mandatory) snr-code (mandatory)

Returns 1 if successful


Returns the terms-and-conditions to be presented to the user for signup of a broadband product.

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