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Module Version: 0.01   Source   Latest Release: Net-Trustico-0.02


Net::Trustico - Perl extension for ordering SSL certificates from Trustico via their API.


  use Net::Trustico;
  my $t = Net::Trustico->new( username => $user, password => $pass );

  die unless $t->hello( $testString );

  my $a = {
    title => 'Ms',
    firstname => 'Eliza',
    lastname => 'Xample',
    organisation => 'E.Xample',
    role => 'WebSite Owner',
    email => '',
    phonecc => '44',
    phoneac => '020',
    phonen => '9460234',
    address1 => '1 High Street',
    city => 'MyTown',
    state => 'London',
    postcode => 'SW1 4AA',
    country => 'GB'

  my $t = $a;

  my %result = $t->order( product => $product,
                          csr => $csr,
                          period => 12,
                          approver => '',
                          insurance => 0,
                          servercount => 1,
                          admin => $a,
                          techusereseller => 1,
                          novalidation => 0

  my $status = $t->status( orderid => $id );


Perl module for ordering SSL certificates from Trustico.



Initiates the module.


username - your Trustico reseller account username

password - the password for your reseller account.


Tests the connection to the Trustico API by sending a string of text and testing that the same string is returned.

This function returns true if the connection is OK or false if not.

You can call this method with a string of your own or no parameters. If no parameters are passed a standard string is used to test the connection.


Submits an order to the Trustico API and returns a hash reference confirming order details on success or undef.


product - the product code for the relevant product as provided by the products() method.

renewal - the order will be processed as a renewal if this parameter is passed.

csr - the CSR for the certificate

period - period for the certificate in months. Valid options are detailed in the details provided by the products() method.

approver - Approver email address. Must be one of admin, administrator hostmaster, root, webmaster or postmaster prepended to the domain supplied in the request

insurance - Re-issue insurance required - 1 or 0

servercount - Number of server licenses requires.

novalidation- If set to 1 the CSR can be blank to be provded later via the Trustico reseller management interface.

special - Special instructions to issuer. Up to 255 characters

admin - Admin contact details hash ref

tech - Tech contact details hash ref

org - Organisation details hash ref (required for products with ORG vetting type only - will be ignored if not required)

Tech contact hash ref must contain either the following fields:

    title, firstname, lastname, organisation, email, phonecc, phoneac, 
    phonen, address1, city, state, postcode, country.

The tech contact may also contain an optional address2 field

Alternatively the tech contact may be omitted if the techusereseller field is set to 1 in which case the default details provided via the Trustico reseller control panel will be used.

Admin contact hash must contain all of the fields required for the Tech contact plus a role field.

The admin contact may also contain the following optional fields:

    taxid, memdate (ISO format)


Gets the status of the order specified by the orderid parameter.

The returned details are in a hash reference.


Returns a hash containing a list of product codes and the details for each product.



Jason Clifford, <>


Copyright (C) 2010 by Jason Clifford

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the FSF GPL version 2.0 or later.

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