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Source   Latest Release: Fuse-TagLayer-0.12


taglayer - mounting script for Fuse::TagLayer


  taglayer [options] <realdir> [<mountpoint>]


  taglayer /some/real/directory/with/tagged/files
  taglayer --no-tags-from-path --debug --debug /real/dir /real/dir/+tags


--realdir, -r

Real directory hierarchy with all the files you want to mount as the TagLayer tag file-system. Required.

You can choose if you want to supply this as an option switch or as the first argument.

--mountpoint, -m

Location where to mount the TagLayer file-system. Defaults to <realdir>/+tags.

You can choose if you want to supply this as an option switch or as the second argument.


Ignore tags that could be parsed out from the real directory path of files.

Note that if you restrict TagLayer to parse out tags only from path (by adding --no-tags-from-xattr and not having --more-tags), files residing in the root will be left out as they are regarded as being "not tagged (by a dir)".


Ignore tags coming from the "user.tags" extended attribute.


Take filenames (basenames) into account to gather more tags. Do so by splitting on spaces, underscores etc. and in addition, offer files' suffixes (commonly called "file-extensions") as the special tag "zsuffix<extension>".

--debug, -D

Switch on debugging output. Incremental. You can repeat this option up to two times. 1x means debug output from Fuse::TagLayer, 2x adds the debug messages from Fuse.

--help, -h

Output this help text.

Please note that this script currently blocks (will remain in the foreground) until the mount is unmounted with sudo umount mountpoint.


More information about what this mounting script does can be found in the documentation of the backend module Fuse::TagLayer.


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Copyright 2012-2013 Clipland GmbH. All rights reserved.

This library is free software, dual-licensed under GPLv3/AL2. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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