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Single Plurk data

    plurk_id: The unique Plurk id, used for identification of the plurk. 
    qualifier: The English qualifier, can be "says", show all:
        qw/ loves likes shares gives hates wants has will asks wishes was /
        qw/ feels thinks says is : freestyle hopes needs wonders /
    qualifier_translated: Only set if the language is not English,
        will be the translated qualifier. Can be "siger" if plurk.lang is "da" (Danish). 
    is_unread: Specifies if the plurk is read, unread or muted. Show example data
        is_unread=0 //Read
        is_unread=1 //Unread
        is_unread=2 //Muted
        plurk_type=0 //Public plurk
        plurk_type=1 //Private plurk
        plurk_type=2 //Public plurk (responded by the logged in user)
        plurk_type=3 //Private plurk (responded by the logged in user)
    user_id: Which timeline does this Plurk belong to. 
    owner_id: Who is the owner/poster of this plurk. 
    posted: The date this plurk was posted. 
        If set to 1, then responses are disabled for this plurk.
        If set to 2, then only friends can respond to this plurk. 
    content: The formatted content, emoticons and images will be turned into IMG tags etc. 
    content_raw: The raw content as user entered it
    response_count: How many responses does the plurk have. 
    responses_seen: How many of the responses have the user read.
    limited_to: If the Plurk is public limited_to is null.
        If the Plurk is posted to a user's friends then limited_to is [0].
        If limited_to is [1,2,6,3] then it's posted only to these user ids. V
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