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Source   Latest Release: go-db-perl-0.04




  $factory = GO::AppHandles::AppHandleCachingImpl->new( $factory );

  All the public API's of this class should come through the
  GO::AppHandle class, and are documented there.


  implementation of AppHandle for the GO API, which delegates all
  function to another AppHandle, but caches all results in
  memory. Generally speaking this trades space for speed. If you use
  large parts of the GO database, this class will use extremely large
  amounts of memory.

  This class is somewhat experimental at the moment. It has a number
  of flaws.  In particular, it does not implement a true flyweight, so
  that for instance a single GO Term is represented by a single
  GO::Model::Term object. Different methods, or single methods with
  different parameters, which return the same GO term, will return
  different Term objects. At the moment some of the methods are
  flyweighted. It is possible to flyweight others, but in this case
  they will sometimes return objects with the wrong values! You can
  read the in code documentation for details.

  My own use of the GO API is limited to a small subset of the methods.
  So these have been well tested. Others have not, and might be
  returning the wrong values anyway!


  The class works by defining a cache where it stores all the results
  from previous method calls.

  The cache is just a single big hash. This is keyed on the method
  names. The value is another hash. This is keyed dependant on the
  function parameters, and the value is the return.

  The way the key is calculated for the second parameter depends on
  what the types of the parameters are. There are four of different
  ways of doing this at the moment.




  This function generates a hash key on which to cache results, for those
  methods which take a single hashref, as a parameter.


  This function uses the parameter itself directly as a key for
  caching results.


  This function works where there are no parameters


  For functions which take a GO::Model::Term object.


  This function calls a second function in the delegated AppHandle, caching
  the results. Cached results will be returned the second time around.

  Caching is done in a hash, which is keyed on the parameter passed in.

  Args - string representing the method to be called.
         arrayref representing the parameters of the method
         string representing the hash to be used for storing the return
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