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Petr Šabata > Tangerine-0.23


This Release Tangerine-0.23  [Download] [Browse 23 Oct 2016
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License The MIT (X11) License
Special Files


Tangerine Examine perl files and report dependency metadata     0.23
Tangerine::Hook A simple hook class     0.23
Tangerine::HookData An envelope for data returned from a hook     0.23
Tangerine::Occurence A simple object describing a package, compile or runtime statement occurence in the examined document     0.23
Tangerine::Utils A set of routines used by various Tangerine modules     0.23
Tangerine::hook::if Process use if statements.     0.23
Tangerine::hook::inline Process Inline module use statements     0.23
Tangerine::hook::list Process simple module lists     0.23
Tangerine::hook::moduleload Process Module::Load statements.     0.23
Tangerine::hook::moduleruntime Process runtime module loading functions.     0.23
Tangerine::hook::mooselike Detect Moose-like modules being loaded and checks for extends and with statements     0.23
Tangerine::hook::package Process package statements     0.23
Tangerine::hook::prefixedlist Process simple sub-module lists     0.23
Tangerine::hook::require Process require statements     0.23
Tangerine::hook::testloading Process various test-suite module loading statements     0.23
Tangerine::hook::testrequires Process Test::Requires calls     0.23
Tangerine::hook::tests Detect testing modules being loaded and register additional hooks     0.23
Tangerine::hook::use Process use statements     0.23
Tangerine::hook::xxx Detect XXX module loading     0.23

Other Files