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cpanbaker - backup your cpan module files.


    $ cpanbaker [options] [filename]

            use sudo to backup files.

    --exclude part,...
            don't backup ...
            valid part names are minicpan, bin, local-lib, perlbrew, libs

    --include part,...
            backup include ...
            valid part names are minicpan, bin, local-lib, perlbrew, libs

            dry run. do not archive files.

            get installed module list.

    -l file, --log file
            specify log file.

            skip pod files.

            skip manpage files.

    -v, --verbose
            verbose message

            very verbose message

    -z, --gz
            tar with gzip compression.

    -j, --bz
            tar with bzip2 compression.

    -d, --debug
            debug mode.

            show help messages


To backup:

    $ cpanbaker 

To backup with gzip compression:

    $ cpanbaker -z

To backup with gzip compression and specify a filename:

    $ cpanbaker -z blah.tar.gz

To backup in dry-run mode:

    $ cpanbaker --dry

With sudo (root permission):

    $ cpanbaker --sudo

To exclude perlbrew stuff:

    $ cpanbaker --exclude=perlbrew

To get installed modules:

    $ cpanbaker --installed > module_list
    $ cpanm < module_list   # reinstall modules

To exclude minicpan stuff:

    $ cpanbaker --exclude=minicpan

To exclude minicpan and perlbrew:

    $ cpanbaker --exclude=perlbrew,minicpan

To backup perlbrew stuff only:

    $ cpanbaker --include=perlbrew

Verbose mode:

    $ cpanbaker -v

Very verbose mode:

    $ cpanbaker -vv

Debug mode:

    $ cpanbaker -d
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