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Net::SMS::ArxMobile - Send SMS messages via the ArXMobile HTTP API


version 0.01


  # Create a testing sender
  my $arx = Net::SMS::ArxMobile->new(
      _auth_code => '{ArXMobile auth code}',

  # Send a message
  my $sent = $arx->send_sms(
      text => "You're in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.",
      to   => '+1 888 555 1212',

  if ($sent) {
      # Message sent
  else {
      # Something failed


Perl module to send SMS messages through the HTTP API provided by ArxMobile (

NOTE: Your ability to send messages outside of the United States could be limited.

Example of formats that work are:

+1 888 555 1234

I have never tried this code with non-US numbers. Probably it works. Probably depends on your auth code?

Probably the Earth will be hit by a massive asteroid in 5 seconds.


new( _auth_code = '{ArxMobile auth code}')>

Nothing fancy. You need to supply your Arxmobile auth code in the constructor, or it will complain loudly.

send_sms(to = $phone_number, text => $message)>

Uses the API to send a message given in $message to the phone number given in $phone_number.

NOTE: Your ability to send messages outside of the United States could be limited.

Phone number should be given in one of these formats:

+1 888 555 1234

Returns a string that is the smsid.

The smsid can be used to query the status via the query_smsid() method.

This API is explicitly SMS::Send compatible.

query_smsid(smsid = $smsid)>

Queries the ArxMobile server to check the status of an SMS given its smsid. The smsid is obtained through a successful send_sms() call.

Example of HTTP response:

    <?xml version='1.0' ?>
        <phone>{11-digit phone number}</phone>
        <smsid>{smsid-string}</smsid> <!-- ex.: a552e6f04acd292df310c21b13ea63c8 -->

The method will return a hashref with the correspondent data structure obtained by parsing back the XML file. Example:

        phone => '{11-digit phone number}',
        status => '1',
        error => '',
        smsid => '{smsid-string}',

This parsing does not account for multiple results.


ArXMobile website,


Cosimo Streppone <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2011 by Opera Software ASA.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The (three-clause) BSD License
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