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Net::Statsd::Server::Changes - Change history for Net::Statsd::Server

Changes in Net::Statsd::Server 0.09 29th January 2013

  Fixed a few more nodejs-statsd compatibility bugs:
    - non-legacy namespace code added a repeated 'stats.' level
      that shouldn't be there
    - underscode character ('_') is now correctly allowed as
      part of a statsd metric.

  Added an integration test suite, to verify end-to-end that
    statsd server is behaving exactly as the nodejs version.
    Being as near to 100% compatibility as possible has been
    one of the main goals from the start.

Changes in Net::Statsd::Server 0.08 27th January 2013

  Fixed CPAN testers failures reported for inexact floating point
    comparison when testing standard deviation of timer results
    in the test suite.

Changes in Net::Statsd::Server 0.07 23rd January 2013

  Started converting the nodejs statsd test suite to TAP
    test cases. Completed the conversion of the metrics processing
    test cases. This uncovered two subtle bugs in the metrics class.

  Fixed bug in calculation of percentile values threshold, due
    to a difference in how Javascript's Math.round() and
    Perl's int() work.

  Fixed undefined value warning in the metrics processing during
    the calculation of cumulative values for timers, due to
    an off-by-one error.

Changes in Net::Statsd::Server 0.06 17th January 2013

  Added new File backend.
    It allows to flush all aggregated stats to a given log file.

  Added keyFlush implementation.
    Allows to have the top n% (keyFlush.percent) dumped to a
    log file (keyFlush.log) or stdout every y seconds

Changes in Net::Statsd::Server 0.05 16th January 2013

  Improved UDP socket default settings to perform better.
    In my tests, Net::Statsd::Server manages to successfully capture
    almost twice the amount of UDP traffic (otherwise lost) than
    the original node.js based statsd, with SO_RCVBUF = 8Mb.
    I still have to experiment a bit more with this setting though.

Changes in Net::Statsd::Server 0.04 15th January 2013

  Fixed statistics flush. When a flush is triggered, stats have
    to be cleared. The flush code wasn't doing this previously.

  Fixed management commands (:8126) to output correct JSON data

  This is the first fully functional statsd server release.

Net::Statsd::Server 0.01 - 0.03 January 2013

  First release on an unsuspecting world.
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