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Chris Winters > OpenInteract-1.99_06


This Release OpenInteract-1.99_06  [Download] [Browse 17 Mar 2005 ** DEVELOPER RELEASE **
Latest Release OpenInteract-1.62  [Download] [Browse 30 Sep 2004
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Special Files


Apache2::OpenInteract2 OpenInteract2 Content handler for Apache 2.x    1.05
Apache::OpenInteract2 OpenInteract2 Content handler for Apache 1.x    1.18
Apache::OpenInteract2::HttpAuth Use HTTP authentication to check logins against OpenInteract2 users    1.12
HTTP::Daemon::OpenInteract2 Standalone HTTP daemon for OpenInteract 2    1.13
OpenInteract2::Action Represent and dispatch actions    1.73
OpenInteract2::Action::Common Base class for common functionality    1.25
OpenInteract2::Action::CommonAdd Tasks to display empty form and create an object    1.25
OpenInteract2::Action::CommonDisplay Task to display an object    1.17
OpenInteract2::Action::CommonRemove Task to remove an object    1.21
OpenInteract2::Action::CommonSearch Implement searching functionality for SPOPS::DBI-based objects    1.24
OpenInteract2::Action::CommonUpdate Task to update an object    1.23
OpenInteract2::Action::TemplateOnly Base class for template-only actions    1.07
OpenInteract2::ActionResolver Small classes and chain of responsibility to resolve URLs to action objects    1.03
OpenInteract2::ActionResolver::NameAndTask Create an action from the URL's initial path and optional task    1.02
OpenInteract2::ActionResolver::NotFoundOrEmpty Use the 'not_found' or 'empty' actions    1.03
OpenInteract2::ActionResolver::UserDir Be able to create action from user directory request    1.04
OpenInteract2::App Base class for CPAN-distributable OpenInteract application bundles    1.03
OpenInteract2::Auth Base class for logging in OpenInteract users    1.22
OpenInteract2::Auth::AdminCheck See whether user is admin    1.13
OpenInteract2::Auth::Group Retreive groups into OpenInteract    1.17
OpenInteract2::Auth::User Base class for creating OpenInteract users    1.22
OpenInteract2::Brick     1.04
OpenInteract2::Brick::Apache All resources used for creating Apache 1.x configurations in a new website     
OpenInteract2::Brick::Apache2 All resources used for creating Apache 2.x configurations in a new website     
OpenInteract2::Brick::Base Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::BaseBox Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::BaseError Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::BaseGroup Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::BasePage Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::BaseSecurity Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::BaseTemplate Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::BaseTheme Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::BaseUser Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::CGI Script for running OI2 as a CGI     
OpenInteract2::Brick::Comments Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::Daemon Configuration used for creating the standalone webserver     
OpenInteract2::Brick::FullText Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::Lookup Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::Messages All global localization messages     
OpenInteract2::Brick::News Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::ObjectActivity Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::Package All resources used for creating a package     
OpenInteract2::Brick::PackageCPAN All resources used for creating a CPAN distribution from a package     
OpenInteract2::Brick::PackageFromTable All resources used for creating a package based on a table     
OpenInteract2::Brick::SystemDoc Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::WebsiteConfig Various non-server-specific configuration files for OI2 website     
OpenInteract2::Brick::WhatsNew Base-64 encoded OI2 package '' shipped with distribution     
OpenInteract2::Brick::Widgets All global TT2 template files     
OpenInteract2::Cache Caches objects to avoid database hits and content to avoid template processing    1.13
OpenInteract2::Cache::File Implement caching in the filesystem    1.12
OpenInteract2::Config Centralized configuration information    1.16
OpenInteract2::Config::Bootstrap Represents a server bootstrap configuration    1.02
OpenInteract2::Config::GlobalOverride Process global override settings for a set of configuration directives    1.11
OpenInteract2::Config::Ini Read/write INI-style (++) configuration files    1.21
OpenInteract2::Config::IniFile OI configuration using INI files    1.09
OpenInteract2::Config::Initializer Observable configuration initialization events    1.24
OpenInteract2::Config::Package Read, write and check package config files    1.24
OpenInteract2::Config::PackageChanges Represent entries from a package Changes file    1.12
OpenInteract2::Config::PerlFile Subclass OpenInteract2::Config to read/write information from/to a perl file    1.08
OpenInteract2::Config::Readonly Simple read/write for readonly files    1.12
OpenInteract2::Constants Define codes used throughout OpenInteract    1.11
OpenInteract2::ContentGenerator Coordinator for classes generating content    1.16
OpenInteract2::ContentGenerator::HtmlTemplate Content generator using HTML::Template    1.08
OpenInteract2::ContentGenerator::TT2Process Process Template Toolkit templates in OpenInteract    1.21
OpenInteract2::ContentGenerator::TemplateSource Common routines for loading content from OI2 templates    1.15
OpenInteract2::ContentGenerator::TextTemplate Content generator using Text::Template    1.10
OpenInteract2::Context Provides the environment for a server    1.87
OpenInteract2::Controller Top-level controller to generate and place content    1.27
OpenInteract2::Controller::MainTemplate Controller for content to be placed in a main template    1.09
OpenInteract2::Controller::ManageBoxes Mixin methods for managing boxes    1.12
OpenInteract2::Controller::ManageTemplates Mixin methods for managing templates    1.10
OpenInteract2::Controller::Raw Basic controller just outputting action content    1.12
OpenInteract2::Conversion::ActionConfig Convert old action.perl files into INI configurations    1.06
OpenInteract2::Conversion::IniConfig Parent class for converting perl configurations to INI format    1.09
OpenInteract2::Conversion::SPOPSConfig Convert old spops.perl files into INI configurations    1.09
OpenInteract2::Cookie Generic cookie methods    1.12
OpenInteract2::CreateSecurity Batch create security for one or more objects or classes    1.03
OpenInteract2::Datasource::DBI Create DBI database handles    1.17
OpenInteract2::Datasource::LDAP Centralized connection location to LDAP directories    1.11
OpenInteract2::DatasourceManager Base class for datasource connection managers    1.17
OpenInteract2::Error Simple property object that knows how to un/serialize from/to a file    1.01
OpenInteract2::ErrorStorage Serialize serious errors to the filesystem    1.02
OpenInteract2::Exception Base class for exceptions in OpenInteract    1.12
OpenInteract2::Exception::Parameter Parameter exceptions    1.07
OpenInteract2::Exception::Security Security exceptions    1.13
OpenInteract2::File Safe filesystem operations for OpenInteract    1.12
OpenInteract2::Filter::AllCaps Sample filter to translate content into all caps.    1.02
OpenInteract2::FullTextIndexer Base class for OI2 indexers    1.02
OpenInteract2::FullTextIterator Iterator to scroll through search results    1.02
OpenInteract2::FullTextRules Rules for automatically indexing SPOPS objects    1.04
OpenInteract2::I18N Base class for localized messages    1.09
OpenInteract2::I18N::Initializer Read in localization messages and generate maketext classes    1.14
OpenInteract2::Log Initialization for log4p logger    1.08
OpenInteract2::Log::OIAppender Appender to put error message in OI error log    1.05
OpenInteract2::Manage Provide common functions and factory for management tasks    1.49
OpenInteract2::Manage::Package Parent for all package management tasks    1.17
OpenInteract2::Manage::Package::Check Check validity of a package    1.11
OpenInteract2::Manage::Package::CreateCPAN Create a CPAN distribution from a package    1.03
OpenInteract2::Manage::Package::CreatePackage Create a sample package    1.15
OpenInteract2::Manage::Package::CreatePackageFromTable Create a package with full CRUDS capability based on a database table    1.02
OpenInteract2::Manage::Package::Export Export a package into a portable format    1.16
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website Parent for website management tasks    1.25
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::CleanExpiredSessions Remove expired and empty sessions    1.05
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::CleanOrphanedUsers Remove users who created an account but never logged in    1.02
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::Create Create a new website    1.31
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::CreateSecurity Create security for multiple SPOPS objects    1.07
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::CreateSecurityForAction Create security for an OI2 action    1.02
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::CreateSecurityForSPOPS Create security for multiple SPOPS objects    1.02
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::CreateSuperuserPassword Change password for superuser    1.12
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::InstallPackage Install a package distribution to a website    1.20
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::InstallPackageData Install object/table data from packages    1.10
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::InstallPackageSecurity Managment task    1.10
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::InstallPackageSql Install SQL structures, object/SQL data and security objects    1.16
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::InstallPackageStructure Managment task    1.15
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::ListActions List all actions in a website    1.12
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::ListObjects Task to list all SPOPS objects in a website    1.10
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::ListPackages List packages installed to a website    1.11
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::PackageCheckExportInstall Check, export and install a package in one fell swoop    1.08
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::ReindexObjects Index objects for a particular class    1.07
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::RemovePackage Remove a package from a website    1.07
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::TestDB Managment task    1.13
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::TestLDAP Task to test configured LDAP connections    1.13
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::ThemeDump Dump a theme to a themeball    1.10
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::ThemeInstall Install a theme from a themeball    1.12
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::UpdatePackageFromWebsite Managment task    1.05
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::Upgrade Upgrade website from a new OpenInteract distribution    1.19
OpenInteract2::Manage::Website::ViewSession View contents of a session    1.11
OpenInteract2::Observer Initialize and manage observers to OpenInteract components    1.04
OpenInteract2::Observer::Controller::GetFiltersFromRequest     1.02
OpenInteract2::Package Perform actions on individual packages    1.56
OpenInteract2::ParamContainer Base for classes that want to hold parameters    1.02
OpenInteract2::Repository Operations to manipulate package repositories.    1.25
OpenInteract2::Request Represent a single request    1.54
OpenInteract2::Request::Apache Read parameters, uploaded files and headers    1.17
OpenInteract2::Request::Apache2 Read parameters, uploaded files and headers from Apache2/mod_perl2    1.03
OpenInteract2::Request::CGI Read parameters, uploaded files and headers    1.23
OpenInteract2::Request::LWP Read parameters, uploaded files and headers    1.22
OpenInteract2::Request::Standalone Manually create a request object    1.14
OpenInteract2::Response Information about and actions on an HTTP response    1.28
OpenInteract2::Response::Apache Response handler using Apache/mod_perl 1.x    1.21
OpenInteract2::Response::Apache2 Response handler using Apache/mod_perl 2.x    1.07
OpenInteract2::Response::CGI Response handler using CGI    1.20
OpenInteract2::Response::LWP Response handler using LWP    1.22
OpenInteract2::Response::Standalone Standalone response handler, mostly for testing    1.15
OpenInteract2::ResultsIterator Iterator to scroll through search results that are objects of different classes.    1.07
OpenInteract2::ResultsManage Save and retrieve generic search results    1.14
OpenInteract2::SPOPS Define common behaviors for all SPOPS objects in the OpenInteract Framework    1.31
OpenInteract2::SPOPS::DBI Common SPOPS::DBI-specific methods for objects    1.08
OpenInteract2::SPOPS::LDAP Common SPOPS::LDAP-specific methods for objects    1.08
OpenInteract2::SQLInstall Dispatcher for installing various SQL data from packages to database    1.30
OpenInteract2::SessionManager Implement session management for OpenInteract    1.09
OpenInteract2::SessionManager::DBI Create sessions within a DBI data source    1.05
OpenInteract2::SessionManager::File Create sessions within a filesystem    1.07
OpenInteract2::SessionManager::SQLite Create sessions within a SQLite data source    1.05
OpenInteract2::Setup Base/Factory class for setup actions in OpenInteract2    1.61
OpenInteract2::Setup::CheckDatasources Ensure datasource configurations are correct    1.03
OpenInteract2::Setup::CreateTemporaryLibraryDirectory Copy package modules to a single directory tree    1.03
OpenInteract2::Setup::DependencySource Provide dependency information for Algorithm::Dependency    1.02
OpenInteract2::Setup::InitializeActions Include and initialize all OpenInteract2 actions    1.02
OpenInteract2::Setup::InitializeCache Initialize the cache    1.02
OpenInteract2::Setup::InitializeContentGenerators Initialize content generator objects    1.03
OpenInteract2::Setup::InitializeControllers Initialize all controller classes    1.04
OpenInteract2::Setup::InitializeObservers Initialize action and configuration observers    1.03
OpenInteract2::Setup::InitializeSPOPS Initialize SPOPS classes    1.03
OpenInteract2::Setup::InitializeTimezone Create the global timezone object    1.02
OpenInteract2::Setup::ReadActionTable Reads actions from all packages and stores them in context    1.03
OpenInteract2::Setup::ReadLocalizedMessages Find and read all localization data and create lookup tables    1.04
OpenInteract2::Setup::ReadPackages Read all packages from the repository and register with the context    1.02
OpenInteract2::Setup::ReadRepository Reads the package repository and stores in context    1.03
OpenInteract2::Setup::ReadSPOPSConfig Read SPOPS object declarations from all packages    1.04
OpenInteract2::Setup::ReadServerConfig Read the server configuration    1.03
OpenInteract2::Setup::RegisterActionTypes Find action types and register them    1.02
OpenInteract2::Setup::RegisterRequestAndResponse Register all request and response implementations declared in server configuration    1.02
OpenInteract2::Setup::RequireClasses Bring in one or a set of classes    1.03
OpenInteract2::Setup::RequireIndexers Bring in all indexer classes    1.02
OpenInteract2::Setup::RequireSessionClasses Bring in all session implementation classes    1.02
OpenInteract2::Setup::RequireSystemClasses Bring in declared 'system_classes'    1.02
OpenInteract2::TT2::Context Provide a custom context for templates in OpenInteract    1.03
OpenInteract2::TT2::Plugin Custom OpenInteract functionality in templates    1.19
OpenInteract2::TT2::Provider Retrieve templates for the Template Toolkit    1.06
OpenInteract2::URL Create URLs, parse URLs and generate action mappings    1.31
OpenInteract2::Upload Represent a file upload    1.06
OpenInteract2::Util Package of routines that do not really fit anywhere else    1.23


OpenInteract2 Pure-perl extensible application server 
OpenInteract2::App::[% class_name %] - This application will do everything! 
OpenInteract2::Brick::[% brick_name %] - [% brick_summary %] 
OpenInteract2::Manage::%%TYPE%%::%%CLASS%% Managment task 
OpenInteract2::Manual User Guide and Reference Manual for OpenInteract 
OpenInteract2::Manual::API API guidelines for OpenInteract2 
OpenInteract2::Manual::AdminApache Compiling and configuration Apache/mod_perl 1.x 
OpenInteract2::Manual::AdminDatabase Setting up databases for use with OpenInteract2 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Architecture Overview of the OpenInteract2 Architecture 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Authentication Recognizing users and groups in OpenInteract2 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Caching Storing generated data for later reuse 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Changes Significant changes to OpenInteract2 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Conversion Moving your site and custom packages from OI 1.x to 2.x 
OpenInteract2::Manual::DataImport Importing Data into OpenInteract 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Datasource Datasources in OpenInteract 
OpenInteract2::Manual::I18N Internationalization in OpenInteract2 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Intro Quick introduction to OpenInteract2 
OpenInteract2::Manual::LDAP OpenInteract and LDAP 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Logging Logging in OpenInteract2 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Management Creating tasks to manage OpenInteract2 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Packages Managing code, data, structures and templates for distributable applications 
OpenInteract2::Manual::QuickStart Create an OpenInteract2 website in ten minutes! 
OpenInteract2::Manual::SPOPS Controlling interations between OpenInteract2 and SPOPS 
OpenInteract2::Manual::SearchResults Managing Search Results in OpenInteract2 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Security Security in OpenInteract2 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Templates Using the Template Toolkit with OpenInteract2 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Tutorial Learn how to create and modify a package 
OpenInteract2::Manual::TutorialAdvanced Tutorial for advanced OpenInteract functionality 
OpenInteract2::Manual::Widgets Template Widgets in OpenInteract 
OpenInteract2::Observer::Controller:GetFiltersFromRequest Scan parameters for filtering directives Script to cleanup the results directory of stale results 
oi2_daemon Standalone version of OpenInteract2 
oi2_manage Command-line interface to OpenInteract management tasks