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Chris Winters > Workflow-0.17


This Release Workflow-0.17  [Download] [Browse 30 Nov 2005
Latest Release Workflow-1.45  [Download] [Browse 29 Jun 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Workflow Simple, flexible system to implement workflows    1.24
Workflow::Action Base class for Workflow actions    1.06
Workflow::Action::InputField Metadata about information required by an Action    1.08
Workflow::Action::Null Workflow action for the terminally lazy    1.02
Workflow::Base Base class with constructor    1.05
Workflow::Condition Evaluate a condition depending on the workflow state and environment    1.04
Workflow::Condition::Evaluate Inline condition that evaluates perl code for truth    1.01
Workflow::Condition::HasUser Condition to determine if a user is available    1.04
Workflow::Config Parse configuration files for the workflow components    1.09
Workflow::Config::Perl Parse workflow configurations as Perl data structures    1.01
Workflow::Config::XML Parse workflow configurations from XML content    1.03
Workflow::Context Data blackboard for Workflows, Actions, Conditions and Validators    1.03
Workflow::Exception Base class for workflow exceptions    1.07
Workflow::Factory Generates new workflow and supporting objects    1.16
Workflow::History Recorded work on a workflow action or workflow itself    1.08
Workflow::Persister Base class for workflow persistence    1.08
Workflow::Persister::DBI Persist workflow and history to DBI database    1.17
Workflow::Persister::DBI::AutoGeneratedId Pull IDs from databases that autogenerate them    1.05
Workflow::Persister::DBI::ExtraData Fetch extra data with each workflow and put it into the context    1.04
Workflow::Persister::DBI::SequenceId Persister to fetch ID from a sequence    1.04
Workflow::Persister::File Persist workflow and history to the filesystem    1.09
Workflow::Persister::RandomId Persister to generate random ID    1.02
Workflow::Persister::SPOPS Persist workflows using SPOPS    1.06
Workflow::Persister::UUID Persister to generate Universally Unique Identifiers    1.02
Workflow::State Information about an individual state in a workflow    1.08
Workflow::Validator Ensure data are valid    1.04
Workflow::Validator::HasRequiredField Validator to ensure certain data are in the context    1.03
Workflow::Validator::InEnumeratedType Ensure a value is one of a declared set of values    1.03
Workflow::Validator::MatchesDateFormat Ensure a stringified date matches a given pattern    1.05

Other Files