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This Release Module-Build-0.33_01  [Download] [Browse 13 Jun 2009 ** UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE **
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Module::Build Build and install Perl modules     0.33_01
Module::Build::Compat Compatibility with ExtUtils::MakeMaker     0.33_01
Module::Build::Config     0.33_01
Module::Build::Cookbook Examples of Module::Build Usage     0.33_01
Module::Build::Dumper     0.33_01
Module::Build::ModuleInfo Gather package and POD information from a perl module files     0.33_01
Module::Build::Notes Configuration for $module_name     0.33_01
Module::Build::PPMMaker Perl Package Manager file creation     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::Amiga Builder class for Amiga platforms     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::Default Stub class for unknown platforms     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::EBCDIC Builder class for EBCDIC platforms     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::MPEiX Builder class for MPEiX platforms     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::MacOS Builder class for MacOS platforms     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::RiscOS Builder class for RiscOS platforms     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::Unix Builder class for Unix platforms     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::VMS Builder class for VMS platforms     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::VOS Builder class for VOS platforms     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::Windows Builder class for Windows platforms     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::aix Builder class for AIX platform     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::cygwin Builder class for Cygwin platform     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::darwin Builder class for Mac OS X platform     0.33_01
Module::Build::Platform::os2 Builder class for OS/2 platform     0.33_01
Module::Build::PodParser     0.33_01
Module::Build::PodTester Default methods for Module::Build   UNAUTHORIZED  
Module::Build::Version     0.74
Module::Build::YAML Provides just enough YAML support so that Module::Build works even if YAML.pm is not installed     0.50


$notes_name Configuration for $module_name  
Module::Build::API API Reference for Module Authors  
Module::Build::Authoring Authoring Module::Build modules  
Module::Build::Base Default methods for Module::Build  
config_data Query or change configuration of Perl modules