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This Release Pantry-0.012  [Download] [Browse 11 Oct 2012
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License The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004
Special Files


Pantry Configuration management tool for chef-solo     0.012
Pantry::App Internal pantry application superclass     0.012
Pantry::App::Command Pantry command superclass     0.012
Pantry::App::Command::apply Implements pantry apply subcommand     0.012
Pantry::App::Command::create Implements pantry create subcommand     0.012
Pantry::App::Command::delete Implements pantry delete subcommand     0.012
Pantry::App::Command::edit Implements pantry edit subcommand     0.012
Pantry::App::Command::init Implements pantry init subcommand     0.012
Pantry::App::Command::list Implements pantry list subcommand     0.012
Pantry::App::Command::rename Implements pantry rename subcommand     0.012
Pantry::App::Command::show Implements pantry show subcommand     0.012
Pantry::App::Command::strip Implements pantry strip subcommand     0.012
Pantry::App::Command::sync Implements pantry sync subcommand     0.012
Pantry::Model Pantry data model class framework     0.012
Pantry::Model::Cookbook Pantry data model for Chef cookbooks     0.012
Pantry::Model::DataBag Pantry data model for Chef data bags     0.012
Pantry::Model::EnvRunList Standalone runlist object for environment runlists     0.012
Pantry::Model::Environment Pantry data model for Chef environments     0.012
Pantry::Model::Node Pantry data model for nodes     0.012
Pantry::Model::Pantry Pantry data model for a pantry directory     0.012
Pantry::Model::Role Pantry data model for Chef roles     0.012
Pantry::Model::Util Pantry data model utility subroutines     0.012
Pantry::Role::Runlist A role to manage entries in a run_list     0.012
Pantry::Role::Serializable A role to save/load data to/from JSON files     0.012


pantry Manage resources for chef-solo