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Gianni Ceccarelli > Data-MultiValued-0.0.1_4


This Release Data-MultiValued-0.0.1_4  [Download] [Browse 20 Dec 2011 ** DEVELOPER RELEASE **
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Data::MultiValued store tag- and range-dependant data in a scalar or Moose attribute     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::AttributeAccessors method meta-class for multi-valued attribute accessors     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::AttributeTrait "base role" for traits of multi-valued Moose attributes     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::AttributeTrait::Ranges attribute traits for attributes holding ranged values     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::AttributeTrait::Tags attribute traits for attributes holding tagged values     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::AttributeTrait::TagsAndRanges attribute traits for attributes holding tagged and ranged values     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::Exceptions exception classes     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::RangeContainer container for ranged values     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::Ranges Handle values with validity ranges     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::TagContainer container for tagged values     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::TagContainerForRanges container for tagged values that are ranged containers     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::Tags Handle values with tags     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::TagsAndRanges Handle values with tags and validity ranges     0.0.1_4
Data::MultiValued::UglySerializationHelperRole only use this if you know what you're doing     0.0.1_4