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Gianni Ceccarelli > Data-Password-zxcvbn-1.0.0


This Release Data-Password-zxcvbn-1.0.0  [Download] [Browse 10 Jan 2018
Latest Release Data-Password-zxcvbn-1.0.2  [Download] [Browse 12 Jan 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Data::Password::zxcvbn Dropbox's password estimation logic     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::AdjacencyGraph adjacency graphs for common keyboards     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::Combinatorics some combinatorial functions     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::Match role for match objects     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::Match::BruteForce special match class for brute-force guesses     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::Match::Date match class for digit sequences that look like dates     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::Match::Dictionary match class for words in passwords     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::Match::Regex match class for recognisable patterns in passwords     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::Match::Repeat match class for repetitions of other matches     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::Match::Sequence match class for sequences of uniformly-spaced codepoints     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::Match::Spatial match class for sequences of nearby keys     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::Match::UserInput match class for words that match other user-supplied information     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::MatchList a collection of matches for a password     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::RankedDictionaries ranked dictionaries for common words     1.0.0
Data::Password::zxcvbn::TimeEstimate functions to estimate cracking times     1.0.0


zxcvbn-password-strength evaluate password strength  

Other Files