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Gianni Ceccarelli > Sietima-1.0.0


This Release Sietima-1.0.0  [Download] [Browse 16 Mar 2017
Latest Release Sietima-1.0.3  [Download] [Browse 22 Jun 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Sietima minimal mailing list manager     1.0.0
Sietima::CmdLine run Sietima as a command-line application     1.0.0
Sietima::MailStore interface for mail stores     1.0.0
Sietima::MailStore::FS filesystem-backed email store     1.0.0
Sietima::Message an email message with an envelope     1.0.0
Sietima::Policy pragma for Sietima modules     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::AvoidDups prevent people from receiving the same message multiple times     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::Debounce avoid mail loops     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::Headers adds standard list-related headers to messages     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::ManualSubscription adds standard list-related headers to messages     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::NoMail don't send mail to those who don't want it     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::ReplyTo munge the Reply-To header     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::SubjectTag add a tag to messages' subjects     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::SubscriberOnly base role for "closed" lists     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::SubscriberOnly::Drop drop messages from non-subscribers     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::SubscriberOnly::Moderate moderate messages from non-subscribers     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::WithMailStore role for lists with a store for messages     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::WithOwner role for lists with an owner     1.0.0
Sietima::Role::WithPostAddress role for lists with a posting address     1.0.0
Sietima::Runner App::Spec::Run for Sietima     1.0.0
Sietima::Subscriber a subscriber to a mailing list     1.0.0
Sietima::Types type library for Sietima     1.0.0