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Дамян Иванов > App-KGB-1.46


This Release App-KGB-1.46  [Download] [Browse 07 Mar 2018
Latest Release App-KGB-1.51  [Download] [Browse 04 Jun 2018
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License The GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991
Special Files


App::KGB collaborative IRC helper     1.46
App::KGB::API KGB bot API documentation     4
App::KGB::Change a single file change     1.22
App::KGB::Client relay commits to KGB servers     1.34
App::KGB::Client::CVS KGB interface to CVS     1.23
App::KGB::Client::Fake Fake KGB client     1.17
App::KGB::Client::Git Git support for KGB client     1.28
App::KGB::Client::RelayMsg Simple message relay KGB client     1.27
App::KGB::Client::ServerRef server instance in KGB client     1.28
App::KGB::Client::Subversion KGB interface to Subversion     1.27
App::KGB::Commit a single commit     1.27
App::KGB::Commit::Tag a helper class for describing tags     1.28
App::KGB::Painter add color to KGB notifications     1.27
JSON::RPC::Client::Any wrap in an available JSON RPC Client implementation     1.28
WWW::Shorten::Debli Perl interface to     0.1


KGB_protocol specification of the client-server communication protocol  
kgb-add-project helper script for adding new projects to kgb-bot configuration file  
kgb-bot an IRC bot helping collaborative work  
kgb-ci-report put DebCI status of maintained packages on IRC  
kgb-client relay commits to KGB servers  
kgb-client.conf KGB client configuration file  
kgb-split-config helper script for splitting out project configurations  
kgb.conf KGB bot configuration file