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Source   Latest Release: Test-AutoBuild-1.0.3


Test::AutoBuild::Output - Generates post build output


  use Test::AutoBuild::Output

  my $output = Test::AutoBuild::Output->new(name => $name,
                                            label => $label,
                                            [options => \%options,]
                                            [start_time => $time]);

  my $name = $output->name([$newname]);
  my $label = $output->label([$newlabel]);
  my $time = $output->startTime([$newtime]);
  my $value = $output->option([$newvalue]);



This module is used to generate post-build output such as HTML pages, email alerts. Subclasses must implement the process method to perform whatever processing they require.


The valid configuration options for the output block are


my $output = Test::AutoBuild::Output->new(name => $name, label => $label, [options => \%options,] [start_time => $time]);

Creates a new output module. This constructor is only really useful to subclasses, since the process method on this base class is virtual. name is the alphanumeric token for the module name. label is the free text human friendly title of the module. options is a hash ref containing module specific configuration options. start_time is the time at which the build cycle began.

my $name = $output->new([$newname]);

Retrieves the name of the output module, which is an alphanumeric token. If the newname parameter is supplied the name is updated.

my $value = $output->option($name[, $newvalue]);

Retrieves the option value corresponding to the name parameter. If the newvalue parameter is supplied, then the option value is updated.

my $label = $output->label([$newlabel]);

Retrieves the label for this output module, a free text, human friendly title for the module. If the newlabel parameter is supplied the label is updated.

my $time = $output->start_time([$newtime]);

Retrieves the time at which the build cycle was started. If the newtime parameter is supplied the start time is updated.

$output->process(\%modules, \%groups, \%repositories, \%packageTypes);

Runs the output module. modules is a hash ref of all code modules, whose keys are module names & values are instances of Test::AutoBuild::Module. groups is a hash ref of all groups whose keys are group names & values are instances of Test::AutoBuild::Group. repositories is a hash ref of code repositories whose keys are repository names and values are instances of Test::AutoBuild::Repository. pacakgeTypes is a hash ref of package types whose keys are names and values are instances of Test::AutoBuild::PackageType


Daniel Berrange <>


Copyright (C) 2002-2004 Daniel Berrange <>



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