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This Release Test-AutoBuild-1.2.4  [Download] [Browse 01 Sep 2011
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License The GNU General Public License, Version not specified
Special Files


Test::AutoBuild Automated build engine controller     1.2.4
Test::AutoBuild::Archive archival of files and metadata      
Test::AutoBuild::Archive::File Archive stored in regular files      
Test::AutoBuild::Archive::Memory Archive stored (transiently) in memory      
Test::AutoBuild::ArchiveManager The base class for managing archive      
Test::AutoBuild::ArchiveManager::File Disk based archive manager      
Test::AutoBuild::ArchiveManager::Memory In memory based archive manager      
Test::AutoBuild::Change Details of change in source control repository      
Test::AutoBuild::Command The base class for executing commands      
Test::AutoBuild::Command::Local A locally executed command      
Test::AutoBuild::Command::SELocal A locally executed command with mandatory access control      
Test::AutoBuild::Counter The base class for an AutoBuild stage      
Test::AutoBuild::Counter::ChangeList Generates a build counter based on source repository changelist      
Test::AutoBuild::Counter::Time Generates a build counter based on current time      
Test::AutoBuild::Counter::Timestamp Generates a build counter based on current time      
Test::AutoBuild::ErrorReport details of a fatal error condition      
Test::AutoBuild::Group Simple grouping of modules      
Test::AutoBuild::Lib A library of useful routines      
Test::AutoBuild::Lock Manage a lock file to prevent concurrent execution      
Test::AutoBuild::Module represents a code module to be built      
Test::AutoBuild::Monitor Builder progress monitor      
Test::AutoBuild::Monitor::CommandLine Monitor progress from 'ps'      
Test::AutoBuild::Monitor::Log4perl Monitor progress through a log4perl      
Test::AutoBuild::Monitor::Pipe Monitor progress through a pipe      
Test::AutoBuild::Package Generated packages      
Test::AutoBuild::PackageType Package type handling      
Test::AutoBuild::Platform represents a build host's environment      
Test::AutoBuild::Publisher Simple publishering of modules      
Test::AutoBuild::Publisher::Copy Copies build logs to a directory      
Test::AutoBuild::Publisher::XSLTransform Applies an XSL transform to an artifact      
Test::AutoBuild::Repository Source control repository access      
Test::AutoBuild::Repository::Bazaar A repository for Bazaar      
Test::AutoBuild::Repository::CVS A repository for CVS      
Test::AutoBuild::Repository::Darcs A repository for Darcs      
Test::AutoBuild::Repository::Disk Access to source locally on disk      
Test::AutoBuild::Repository::GNUArch A repository for GNU Arch      
Test::AutoBuild::Repository::Git A repository for Git      
Test::AutoBuild::Repository::Mercurial A repository for Mercurial      
Test::AutoBuild::Repository::Monotone A repository for Monotone      
Test::AutoBuild::Repository::Perforce A repository for Perforce      
Test::AutoBuild::Repository::SVK A repository for SVK (Distributed Subversion)      
Test::AutoBuild::Repository::Subversion A repository for Subversion      
Test::AutoBuild::Result represents results of an action      
Test::AutoBuild::Runtime Builder runtime state     1.1.0
Test::AutoBuild::Stage The base class for an AutoBuild stage      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::Apt Create index for APT package management tool      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::ArtifactCopier Copies build artifacts to a directory      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::Build The base class for an AutoBuild stage      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::CheckSource The base class for an AutoBuild stage      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::CleanArchive Purge old build archives      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::CleanBuildRoots Clean up files in build install root      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::CleanPackages The base class for an AutoBuild stage      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::Copier Abstract base module for copying files      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::CreateArchive Initialize a new archive instance      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::CreateRepo Create an package repository index for package management tools      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::EmailAlert Send email alerts with build status      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::GetSource The base class for an AutoBuild stage      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::Group Groups several stages together      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::HTMLStatus Generate HTML status pages for build cycle      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::ISOBuilder creates CD ISO images      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::Iterator Run a set of stages for each module      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::LogCopier Copy log files to a distribution site.      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::PackageCopier Copy generated packages to a distribution site      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::RSyncStatus Create an index for RSyncStatus package management tool      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::SetNice Alter the scheduling priority of builder      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::TemplateGenerator Base class for generating file templates      
Test::AutoBuild::Stage::Test Run module test suites      


auto-build run automated, unattended software build processes  
auto-build-clean-root Clear out a build engine root directory  
auto-build-make-root Create a new build engine root directory  
auto-build.conf Test-AutoBuild configuration file  

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