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Test::AutoBuild::Change - Details of change in source control repository


  use Test::AutoBuild::Change


This module provides a representation of a change in a source control repository. The export method on the Test::AutoBuild::Repository class will returns a hash reference containing this objects as values to represent the list of changes since the previous call to export


my $change = Test::AutoBuild::Change->new(%params);

Creates a new change object, initializing with a set of named parameters. The number parameter is a number representing the change, typically either a plain integer, or a version string (ie set of period separated integers). The date parameter specifies in seconds since the epoch, date the change was made. The user parameter is a representation of the user who made the change, typically their username. The description parameter provides the log message for the change. Finally the files parameter is an array reference listing all the files affected by the changelist.

my $number = $change->number();

Retrieves the number associated with this change. This is typically an integer (eg 43212), or a version string (eg 1.5.2).

my $date = $change->date();

Retrieves the date on which the change was made. This is in seconds since the epoch.

my $user = $change->user();

Retrieves the user who made the change, typically the username under which the repository was accessed.

my $log = $change->description();

Retrieves the log message associated with this change.

my $fils = $change->files();

Retrieves an array reference specifying the list of files affected by this change.


Daniel Berrange <>


Copyright (C) 2005 Daniel Berrange <>


perl(1), Test::AutoBuild::Repository

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