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See the sample.pod file that this HTML was generated from.

Then an|Example Link for a Pod::Simple module. See also Pod::Simple::Subclassing. Now we mention Pod::Simple again. Now we talk about a data.txt file. And our copy of data.txt. And a plain a/href.

And some foot-noted text.f1

BIG Header (1) ^

normal header (2)

little header (3)

littlest header (4)

Other tags

Regular bold and italics work too.

And in-line code such as this my $foo=Bar->new() snippet.

And regular pod Verbatim is treated as code:

  my $x = $y;
  $x += 3;

More code examples

Just a code snippet:

A code snippet w/line numbers:

And code sourced from the file:

And a specific link to|the third line.

And just <pre> tag stuff, e.g. for output or data.

mispelling example. repeating mispelling.

syntax highlighting: