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Davor Cubranic > Statistics-R-IO-0.092


This Release Statistics-R-IO-0.092  [Download] [Browse 21 Jul 2014
Latest Release Statistics-R-IO-1.0002  [Download] [Browse 02 Aug 2017
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License The GNU General Public License, Version 3, June 2007
Special Files


Statistics::R::IO Perl interface to serialized R data     0.092
Statistics::R::IO::Base Common object methods for processing R files     0.092
Statistics::R::IO::Parser Functions for parsing R data files     0.092
Statistics::R::IO::ParserState Current state of the IO parser     0.092
Statistics::R::IO::QapEncoding Functions for parsing Rserve packets     0.092
Statistics::R::IO::RDS Supply object methods for RDS files     0.092
Statistics::R::IO::RData Supply object methods for RData files     0.092
Statistics::R::IO::REXPFactory Functions for parsing R data files     0.092
Statistics::R::IO::Rserve Supply object methods for Rserve communication     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP base class for R objects (SEXPs)     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::Character an R character vector     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::Double an R numeric vector     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::Environment an R environment     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::GlobalEnvironment the global R environment (.GlobalEnv)     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::Integer an R integer vector     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::Language an R language vector     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::List an R generic vector (list)     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::Logical an R logical vector     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::Null the R null object     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::Raw an R raw vector     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::Symbol an R symbol     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::Types Moose type constraints for REXPs     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::Unknown R object not representable in Rserve     0.092
Statistics::R::REXP::Vector an R vector     0.092

Documentation Macros for evaluating R code on an Rserve server