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WWW::DomainTools::NameSpinner - Suggest other domain names


  use WWW::DomainTools::NameSpinner;

  my $api = WWW::DomainTools::NameSpinner->new(
        key => '12345',
        partner => 'yourname',
        customer_ip => ''

  my $res = $api->request(
        ext => "COM|NET|ORG|INFO",
        q => '',


This module allows you to use the Domain Tools name spinner API in to list domain name suggestions based on a domain that you pass in. You will need to get a license key from their site to use this tool.


request( url parameters hash )

The keys and values expected are documented on the Domain Tools website.

If the request is successful, the return value is either a hash reference or a string depending on the value of the 'format' parameter to the constructor.

See the documentation for the new() method for more detailed information about 'format' and other standard parameters.

If the HTTP request fails, this method will die.

new( options hash )

Valid keys are:

  • url

    Your XML api full url. Eg.

    The default is

  • key

    Your license key

  • partner

    Your partner ID

  • customer_ip

    The (optional) IP of the customer that you are making the request for

  • format

    How you want the response returned when you call the request method.

    'hash' is the default and means that you want a hash reference returned which is built by using XML::Simple.

    'xml' means that you want a string returned containing the raw XML response.

  • timeout

    The number of seconds that you want to wait before cancelling the HTTP request.

    default: 10

  • lwp_ua

    An instance of LWP::UserAgent to use for the requests. This will allow you to set up an LWP::UserAgent with all of the settings that you would like to use such as proxy settings etc.

    default: LWP::UserAgent->new




Please report bugs using the CPAN Request Tracker at


David Bartle <>


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

I am not affiliated with Domain Tools or Name Intelligence. The use of their API's are governed by their own terms of service:

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.

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