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This Release Perl-Critic-Freenode-0.025  [Download] [Browse 10 Feb 2018
Latest Release Perl-Critic-Freenode-0.026  [Download] [Browse 16 Feb 2018
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License The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)
Special Files


Perl::Critic::Freenode Perl::Critic policies inspired by #perl on freenode IRC     0.025
Perl::Critic::Freenode::Utils Utility functions for the Freenode policy set     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::AmpersandSubCalls Don't use & to call subroutines     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::ArrayAssignAref Don't assign an anonymous arrayref to an array     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::BarewordFilehandles Don't use bareword filehandles other than built-ins     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::ConditionalDeclarations Don't declare variables conditionally     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::ConditionalImplicitReturn Don't end a subroutine with a conditional block     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::DeprecatedFeatures Avoid features that have been deprecated or removed from Perl     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::DiscouragedModules Various modules discouraged from use     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::DollarAB Don't use $a or $b as variable names outside sort     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::Each Don't use each to iterate through a hash     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::EmptyReturn Don't use return with no arguments     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::IndirectObjectNotation Don't call methods indirectly     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::ModPerl Don't use mod_perl to write web applications     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::OpenArgs Always use the three-argument form of open     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::OverloadOptions Don't use overload without specifying a bool overload and enabling fallback     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::POSIXImports Don't use POSIX without specifying an import list     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::PackageMatchesFilename Module files should declare a package matching the filename     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::Prototypes Don't use function prototypes     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::StrictWarnings Always use strict and warnings, or a module that imports these     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::Threads Interpreter-based threads are officially discouraged     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::Wantarray Don't write context-sensitive functions using wantarray     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::WarningsSwitch Scripts should not use the -w switch on the shebang line     0.025
Perl::Critic::Policy::Freenode::WhileDiamondDefaultAssignment Don't use while with implicit assignment to $_     0.025