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Source  [pod] The main script  [pod] A utility to help users make new A utility for converting configuration A utility for converting handlers for
Makefile.PL The makefile script for installation
NewsClipper.cfg A sample configuration file
SampleFiles/sample.txt A sample template file
README Read this first
MANIFEST This file
CHANGES A change history
DESIGN Documentation for the script's design
userman.html An outdated user's manual
NewsClipper/ A module containing data gathering
NewsClipper/ A module containing all the global
NewsClipper/ The base class for all handlers.
NewsClipper/ A module containing useful HTML
NewsClipper/ Encapsulates the task of locating,
NewsClipper/ Implements the News Clipper cache
NewsClipper/ News Clipper's parser for HTML
NewsClipper/ News Clipper's parser for
NewsClipper/ Executes News Clipper commands
NewsClipper/ Contains built-in type information, as
NewsClipper/ Server base class
NewsClipper/Server/ MySQL interface to the handler server
NewsClipper/Server/ CGI interface to the handler server