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This Release DDG-1017  [Download] [Browse 31 May 2017
Latest Release DDG-1018  [Download] [Browse 23 Nov 2017
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License The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004
Special Files


DDG DuckDuckGo Search Engines Open Source Parts     1017
DDG::App::Attribution Application class for reading the attributions of a package     1017
DDG::Block Block to bundle plugins with triggers     1017
DDG::Block::Any EXPERIMENTAL     1017
DDG::Block::Blockable Role for plugins that can go into a block     1017
DDG::Block::Blockable::Any Role for something blockable that has no triggers     1017
DDG::Block::Blockable::Triggers A package which reflects the triggers of a blockable plugin.     1017
DDG::Block::Regexp Block implementation to handle regexp based plugins     1017
DDG::Block::Words Block implementation to handle words based plugins     1017
DDG::Fathead Fathead package for easy keywords     1017
DDG::Goodie Goodie package for easy keywords     1017
DDG::HasAttribution Role for a plugin that is able to give attribution informations     1017
DDG::HasShareDir Role for a plugin that has a share directory     1017
DDG::IsControllable Role for data managed inside the DuckDuckGo infrastructure     1017
DDG::IsFathead Role for Fathead     1017
DDG::IsGoodie Role for Goodies     1017
DDG::IsLongtail Role for Longtail     1017
DDG::IsSpice Role for Spice     1017
DDG::Language A language, can be empty [TODO]     1017
DDG::Location A location, can be empty (given by Geo::IP::Record)     1017
DDG::Longtail Longtail package for easy keywords     1017
DDG::Meta Main meta layer implementation factory... dark side of the moon...     1017
DDG::Meta::AnyBlock Implement DDG::Block::Blockable::Any to the plugin     1017
DDG::Meta::Block Inject keywords to make a DDG::Block::Blockable plugin     1017
DDG::Meta::CountryCodes Master list of country renames and aliases for all IAs     1017
DDG::Meta::Data Metadata functions for instant answers     1017
DDG::Meta::Fathead Functions for generating a DDG::ZeroClickInfo::Fathead factory     1017
DDG::Meta::Helper Helper functions for easy access to important functions     1017
DDG::Meta::Information DDG plugin meta information storage     1017
DDG::Meta::RequestHandler Functions for a request handler     1017
DDG::Meta::ShareDir Installing functions for easy access to the module sharedir     1017
DDG::Meta::ZeroClickInfo Functions for generating a DDG::ZeroClickInfo factory     1017
DDG::Meta::ZeroClickInfoSpice Functions for generating a DDG::ZeroClickInfo::Spice factory     1017
DDG::Region A region, can be empty [TODO]     1017
DDG::Request A request to DuckDuckGo itself, so the query itself and parameter around the query defining him     1017
DDG::Rewrite A (mostly spice related) Rewrite definition in our system     1017
DDG::Spice Spice package for easy keywords     1017
DDG::Test TODO     1017
DDG::Test::Block Adds a function to easily test DDG::Block.     1017
DDG::Test::Fathead Adds keywords to easily test Fathead plugins.     1017
DDG::Test::Goodie Adds keywords to easily test Goodie plugins.     1017
DDG::Test::Language Gives functions for getting test DDG::Language objects.     1017
DDG::Test::Location Gives functions for getting test DDG::Location objects.     1017
DDG::Test::Longtail Adds keywords to easily test Longtail plugins.     1017
DDG::Test::Spice Adds keywords to easily test Spice plugins.     1017
DDG::ZeroClickInfo DuckDuckGo server side used ZeroClickInfo result class     1017
DDG::ZeroClickInfo::Fathead DuckDuckGo server side used ZeroClickInfo Fathead result class     1017
DDG::ZeroClickInfo::Spice DuckDuckGo server side used ZeroClickInfo Spice result class     1017
DDG::ZeroClickInfo::Spice::Data Data that gets delivered additional to the spice call into the Javascript of the HTML     1017


DDG::Manual Overview of all documentations  
DDG::Manual::Translation Overview of the translation system of DuckDuckGo  
ddg_attribution Command line tool for using the DuckPAN of DuckDuckGo  

Other Files