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Net::DNS::DynDNS - Update dyndns.org with correct ip address for your domain name


  print Net::DNS::DynDNS->default_ip_address();
  print Net::DNS::DynDNS->new('user', 'password')->update('test.dyndns.org,test.homeip.net');


This module allows automated updates to your dyndns.org domain name to your current ip address. This is useful for people running servers that operate off dynamic ip addresses.

Functions ^


returns your current ip address according to dyndns.org. This function should not be used more than once every 10 minutes according to terms of usage for dyndns.org.

new( $username, $password, $params )

returns a new object for updating dyndns.org entries. The username and password parameters are from your dyndns.org account.

   Parameter            Default
   server               dyndns.org
   dns_server           members.dyndns.org
   check_ip             checkip.dyndns.org
update_allowed ( $setting )

returns whether the object is permitted to make another update to dyndns.org without human intervention. There are a list of return codes at http://www.dyndns.org/developers/specs/return.html that require this behaviour. To signal that human intervention has allowed updating to continue, pass a true value in the parameter list.

update( $hostnames, $ip_address, $params )

returns the ip address that has been assigned to the hostnames. The hostnames should be fully qualified domain names. If there is more than one hostname to be updated, they should be separated with a comma. The ip_address argument is optional. It specifies which ip address should be assigned to the hostnames argument. If the ip_address argument is not supplied, dyndns.org will assign your current ip address to the hostnames. The optional params argument is a hashref that may contain the following values

   Parameter            Default   Values
   wildcard             none      ON | OFF | NOCHG 
   mx                   none      any valid fully qualified hostname 
   backmx               none      YES | NO
   offline              none      YES | NO
   protocol             https     http | https

Further information about each of these parameters is available at http://www.dyndns.org/developers/specs/syntax.html


David Dick <ddick@cpan.org>


Uses LWP, HTTP::Cookies and HTTP::Headers modules. Also uses Net::HTTPS for secure communications.


None known at this point


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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