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This Release Config-Model-2.114  [Download] [Browse 11 Nov 2017
Latest Release Config-Model-2.117  [Download] [Browse 03 Feb 2018
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License The GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1, February 1999
Special Files


Config::Model Create tools to validate, migrate and edit configuration files     2.114
Config::Model::Annotation Read and write configuration annotations     2.114
Config::Model::AnyId Base class for hash or list element     2.114
Config::Model::AnyThing Base class for configuration tree item     2.114
Config::Model::Backend::Any Virtual class for other backends     2.114
Config::Model::Backend::CdsFile Read and write config as a Cds data structure     2.114
Config::Model::Backend::Fstab Read and write config from fstab file     2.114
Config::Model::Backend::IniFile Read and write config as a INI file     2.114
Config::Model::Backend::Json Read and write config as a JSON data structure     2.114
Config::Model::Backend::PerlFile Read and write config as a Perl data structure     2.114
Config::Model::Backend::PlainFile Read and write config as plain file     2.114
Config::Model::Backend::ShellVar Read and write config as a SHELLVAR data structure     2.114
Config::Model::Backend::Yaml Read and write config as a YAML data structure     2.114
Config::Model::BackendMgr Load configuration node on demand     2.114
Config::Model::CheckList Handle check list element     2.114
Config::Model::Describe Provide a description of a node element     2.114
Config::Model::DumpAsData Dump configuration content as a perl data structure     2.114
Config::Model::Dumper Serialize data of config tree     2.114
Config::Model::Exception Exception mechanism for configuration model     2.114
Config::Model::FuseUI Fuse virtual file interface for Config::Model     2.114
Config::Model::HashId Handle hash element for configuration model     2.114
Config::Model::IdElementReference Refer to id element(s) and extract keys     2.114
Config::Model::Instance Instance of configuration tree     2.114
Config::Model::Iterator Iterates forward or backward a configuration tree     2.114
Config::Model::ListId Handle list element for configuration model     2.114
Config::Model::Lister List available models and applications     2.114
Config::Model::Loader Load serialized data into config tree     2.114
Config::Model::Node Class for configuration tree node     2.114
Config::Model::ObjTreeScanner Scan config tree and perform call-backs for each element or node     2.114
Config::Model::Report Reports data from config tree     2.114
Config::Model::Role::ComputeFunction compute &index or &element functions     2.114
Config::Model::Role::Grab Role to grab data from elsewhere in the tree     2.114
Config::Model::Role::HelpAsText Translate element help from pod to text     2.114
Config::Model::Role::NodeLoader Load Node element in configuration tree     2.114
Config::Model::Role::WarpMaster register and trigger a warped element     2.114
Config::Model::SearchElement Search an element in a configuration model     2.114
Config::Model::SimpleUI Simple interface for Config::Model     2.114
Config::Model::TermUI Interactive command line interface for cme     2.114
Config::Model::TreeSearcher Search tree for match in value, description...     2.114
Config::Model::Utils::GenClassPod generate pod documentation from configuration models     2.114
Config::Model::Value Strongly typed configuration value     2.114
Config::Model::Value::LayeredInclude Include a sub layer configuration     2.114
Config::Model::ValueComputer Provides configuration value computation     2.114
Config::Model::WarpedNode Node that change config class properties     2.114
Config::Model::Warper Warp tree properties     2.114


Config::Model::Cookbook::CreateModelFromDoc Create a configuration model from application documentation  
Config::Model::Manual::ModelCreationAdvanced Creating a model with advanced features  
Config::Model::Manual::ModelCreationIntroduction Introduction to model creation with Config::Model  
Config::Model::models::Fstab Configuration class Fstab  
Config::Model::models::Fstab::FsLine Configuration class Fstab::FsLine  
Config::Model::models::Multistrap Configuration class Multistrap  
Config::Model::models::Multistrap::Section Configuration class Multistrap::Section  
Config::Model::models::PopCon Configuration class PopCon  

Other Files