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Puppet::VcsTools::Version - Tk GUI to manage a VcsTools::Version object


No synopsis given. This object is better used with the Puppet::VcsTools::History module.


This class represents one version of a VCS file. It holds all the information relevant to this version including the log of this version, the parent revision, child revision and so on.

Its main function is to deal with the History object and its TreeGraph object to draw the history revision tree. The Version object will perform all necessary calls to the drawing methods of TreeGraph to get the correct drawing.

The information structure stored in each Version object are described in the dataFormat HASH reference passed to the constructor (See VcsTools::DataSpec::Rcs or VcsTools::DataSpec::HpTnd for more details).

This Object heavily uses Puppet::Show, Puppet::Body and Puppet::Storage.


Well, By itself, the Version widget cannot do much.

Future version may be better depending on user inputs.

The only function available is to edit the history through the "File->edit log" menu if the 'edit' parameter was specified to the constructor.

Constructor ^


Parameters are those of "new()" in VcsTools::Version plus:

Methods ^

All "Methods" in VcsTools::Version plus these ones:


Will launch a widget for this object. All parameters are passed to "display(...)" in Puppet::Show


Delegated to the "closeDisplay" in Puppet::Body method.


Will run the log editor for this version.


Will delegate the call to the history manager. Used to update the VCS base from the log stored in the Version object. Used generally after an editLog.


Will start drawing a tree (from the revision of this Version object) calling History object's graph.

Internal Methods ^

Not for faint hearted people.

drawSubTree(tree_graph, x, y, width_reference)

Called recursively to draw all nodes, internal method.

x,y are the coordinates of the root of the sub-tree. The width will be changed to the actual width (in pixels) of the sub-tree. Note that the width of the sub-tree depends on the number of branches.


Dominique Dumont,

Copyright (c) 1998-1999 Dominique Dumont. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


perl(1), Tk(3), Puppet::Show(3), VcsTools::Version(3), VcsTools::History(3)

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