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Demian Riccardi > HackaMol-0.047


This Release HackaMol-0.047  [Download] [Browse 28 Dec 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


HackaMol HackaMol: Object-Oriented Library for Molecular Hacking     0.047
HackaMol::Angle Angle class for HackaMol     0.047
HackaMol::Atom HackaMol Atom Class     0.047
HackaMol::AtomGroup HackaMol AtomGroup class     0.047
HackaMol::Bond HackaMol Bond class     0.047
HackaMol::Dihedral Dihedral Angle class for HackaMol     0.047
HackaMol::Molecule Molecule class for HackaMol     0.047
HackaMol::PeriodicTable package for period table data... needs to change     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::AtomGroupRole Role for a group of atoms     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::BondsAnglesDihedralsRole Array traits for containers of HackaMol Bonds, Angles, Dihedrals.     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::ExeRole     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::FileFetchRole Role for using LWP::Simple to fetch files from www     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::MolReadRole Read files with molecular information     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::NERFRole Role providing Natural extension reference frame implementation for molecular building     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::NameRole provides name attribute     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::PathRole     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::PdbRole PdbRole of lazy attributes for HackaMol atoms     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::PhysVecMVRRole Provides the core of HackaMol Atom and Molecule classes.     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::QmAtomRole simple role that provides attributes needed for setting up quantum chemistry calculations     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::QmMolRole provides attributes needed for quantum chemistry calculations     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::ReadPdbRole Read files with molecular information     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::ReadPdbqtRole Read files with molecular information     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::ReadXyzRole Read files with molecular information     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::ReadYAMLRole Read files with molecular information     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::ReadZmatRole Read files with molecular information     0.047
HackaMol::Roles::SelectionRole Atom selections in molecules     0.047

Other Files