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Alex Taler > VCS-LibCVS-1.0002


This Release VCS-LibCVS-1.0002  [Download] [Browse 10 Oct 2005
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Special Files


VCS::LibCVS Access CVS working directories and repositories.    1.0002
VCS::LibCVS::Admin The CVS sandbox administrative directory.     
VCS::LibCVS::Branch A named branch in the repository.     
VCS::LibCVS::Client an implementation of the CVS client protocol     
VCS::LibCVS::Client::Connection a connection to a CVS server     
VCS::LibCVS::Client::Connection::CvsPass A ~/.cvspass file.     
VCS::LibCVS::Client::Connection::Ext a connection to a remote cvs server     
VCS::LibCVS::Client::Connection::Local a connection to a local cvs server     
VCS::LibCVS::Client::Connection::Pserver a connection to a cvs pserver     
VCS::LibCVS::Client::Request a request in the CVS client protocol     
VCS::LibCVS::Client::Request::Argument an Argument request     
VCS::LibCVS::Client::Response a response in the CVS client protocol     
VCS::LibCVS::Command A command to send to the server.     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum a piece of CVS data     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum::DirectoryName A CVS datum for the name of a directory     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum::Entry A CVS datum for an RCS Entries Line     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum::FileContents File contents for use in CVS     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum::FileMode A CVS datum for the mode of a file     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum::FileName A CVS datum for the name of a file     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum::LogMessage A cvs log message.     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum::PathName A CVS datum for a CVS pathname     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum::RevisionNumber A CVS revision number.     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum::Root A CVS datum for a CVS Root specification     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum::String A CVS string datum     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum::TagSpec A CVS datum for a tag specification     
VCS::LibCVS::Datum::Time A CVS datum for a time     
VCS::LibCVS::DirectoryBranch A CVS managed directory, viewed from a branch.     
VCS::LibCVS::FileBranch A specific branch of a file managed by CVS.     
VCS::LibCVS::FileRevision A specific revision of a file managed by CVS.     
VCS::LibCVS::IgnoreChecker Ask it if a file should be ignored.     
VCS::LibCVS::Repository A CVS Repository.     
VCS::LibCVS::RepositoryDirectory A Directory in the repository.     
VCS::LibCVS::RepositoryFile A File in the CVS repository.     
VCS::LibCVS::RepositoryFileOrDirectory An object in the repository.     
VCS::LibCVS::Slice A slice through a CVS Repository.     
VCS::LibCVS::WorkingDirectory A directory checked out from CVS.     
VCS::LibCVS::WorkingFile A file checked out of CVS.     
VCS::LibCVS::WorkingFileOrDirectory Something checked out with CVS.     
VCS::LibCVS::WorkingUnmanagedFile A file which is not managed by CVS.     


VCS::LibCVS::Client::Request::ArgumentUsingRequests Classes for many requests 
VCS::LibCVS::Client::Request::Requests Classes for many requests 
VCS::LibCVS::Client::Response::FileUpdateModifyingResponses Classes for many Responses 
VCS::LibCVS::Client::Response::FileUpdatingResponses Classes for many Responses 
VCS::LibCVS::Client::Response::Responses Classes for many Responses